SimCity DS building in US

Maxis' groundbreaking simulation series adding US DSs to its platform population; mayors can cut the ribbon this summer.


Mayoral scandals not included.
Mayoral scandals not included.

Before Will Wright concocted the PC juggernaut The Sims, his previous masterpiece was the metropolis-building SimCity. The franchise has evolved onto several systems since its debut on the PC in 1989 and was recently announced for release in Japan for the DS under the very workman-like name SimCity DS.

Jealous American urban planners need not be green with envy any longer. Electronic Arts today confirmed that SimCity DS will be released worldwide this summer.

The DS version will continue the basic gameplay of SimCity with some unique additions that take advantage of the DS's hardware. Players will do their best job to create a thriving metropolis and solve everyday mayoral problems such as alleviating traffic and eliminating crime, as well as use the DS's microphone to blow out fires and the stylus to sign off on mayoral proclamations.

SimCity DS, developed by Japanese studio AKI, has not yet been rated by the ESRB or priced.

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