SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC confirmed after retailer leak

New DLC coming for SimCity on May 28.


EA has confirmed funfair DLC for its controversial 2013 reboot of SimCity after it temporarily appeared on a retailer website.

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While it was quickly removed, the SimCity Amusement Park Pack DLC briefly appeared on UK retailer Green Man Gaming.

The blurb for the expansion offered SimCity players the chance "build the amusement park of your dreams, right in the middle of your city." The description also offered "classic rides, vehicle rides and thrill rides."

"Will you focus [on] the aesthetic look or maximising your profits? Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds," concluded the description.

Following the leak, the official SimCity Twitter feed confirmed a May 28 release for the DLC.

"Some of you may have seen thrilling new #SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It’s coming May 28. We think you’ll be amused," wrote the account.

Earlier this month original series creator Will Wright called SimCity's unstable launch "inexcusable".

For more on SimCity, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for killersrike

not happening EA

Avatar image for Lord_Vader

Judging from the pics alone it looks like the DLC will take up at least half of the map's space. What a joke.

Avatar image for khankalili


from a city description in the new region it seems you actually have to dedicate an entire city to an amusement park, for the region.

Avatar image for Devero420

Geez, it looks like it will take up 1/2 of village, er I mean city.

Avatar image for WiredDreemz

Right, ladies and gentlemen! Let the MILKING begin!

Avatar image for RoadStar1602

I love how this stuff is "accidentally" leaked.

Avatar image for Ahiru-San

looks great and all.. but there's no room for a decent city per lot, I hope at least I can use the full terrain for a theme park

Avatar image for jrabbit99

Is this like Rollercoaster Tycoon?

Avatar image for jmc88888

So you mean to say if I can build an amusement park in the middle of my city? Wow. Sounds so cool.

Except where do I place it? I mean the maps are so small every city is depressingly small and the last thing I need to do is cordon off some more of it so I can build a freaking amusement park.

I guess that's one thing I have to laugh about all the DLC they're going to want to flog on this thing the next few years. Every single piece gives you less room to build something else. Kind of puts a crimp on DLC. It's like trying to get people to buy a grand piano who live in a trailer. It won't fit. Good luck with that EA, should have thought ahead.

Avatar image for drybones41

Reminds me of DLC Quest...

Avatar image for kurtstir

I cant even open sim city on origin!!!

Avatar image for tonymoise

Can you guys fix the game before adding more stuff to it....just a thought. And once the game is fixed and working right add.........

BIGGER CITY TILES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear certain devs look at all the fan feed back and say to themselves, "what is the most opposing thing we can give our fans from what they actually want."

Avatar image for edinko

"Will you focus [on] the aesthetic look or maximising your profits? Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds," concluded the description.

just replace your with EAs in the description

Avatar image for wickedd

I wonder where said funfair would be placed in a city that's 5x5 meters.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

I do own the game and there is still major bugs that do need to be fixed. Also to answer your other question, I do play the game. Just because you are satisfied with what EA gave you does not mean everybody should be satisfied with what EA has done. You better pray and hope EA do not give up on SimCity like they did other projects. There more major bugs that needs to fixed such as the Regional bug that does not allow one to make a city of R and a city of C, etc which was hyped by EA/Maxis and that has yet to be fixed and it is major.

Avatar image for NicoD313

I'm going to start building my own PC here soon to play games and mostly to mod them,I was just wondering if someone could give me their honest opinion on if this game is worth a buy.I've been hearing so many bad things about it(mostly immature ranting) and I've been waiting for another SimCity for so long and if it's not worth the money they're asking I'll just get something I know is worth playing and just wait till this is cheaper,thanks to anyone who can help.

Avatar image for edinko

@NicoD313 never support always online drm crap. There is not much to say more. THe game is mediocre and broken in many ways even when you don't care

Avatar image for NicoD313

@edinko @NicoD313 Ok thanks for the feedback guys,I'll just focus on other games right now,I honestly thought maybe those issues weren't as big as I thought.

Avatar image for hammoud

@NicoD313 Personally I've played 150+ hours. The game is a lot of fun but it does have annoying bugs that need to be fixed. Also the city boundary is indeed pretty small and the game requires you to always be online. If you can get past all that then yes, you should get it, or wait for a price drop.

Avatar image for Pi

@hammoud @NicoD313 I would advise not buying it to send a message to EA and other publishers that this type of business practice is unacceptable. Otherwise ALL your favorite franchises will soon turn into debacles like this one.......

Avatar image for deathwish026

aslong as we get a big bugfix along with the DLC ime ok with this.... omg ime the first person to not bitch 0.0

Avatar image for deanmanwalking2

What's this? Content that should have already been in the game to maximize player experience being held back for later release at a price? How incredibly surprised I am EA...

Avatar image for chibi-acer

@deanmanwalking2 Come on, at least it's something unexpected, and not more European landmarks or something. If this was like an expansion that turned SimCity into ThemePark, I'd be down for that.

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

@chibi-acer @deanmanwalking2 Or, You Could Just Play The Original ThemePark. A Far Better Game, and not "Always Online".

Avatar image for Poodger

@TheWatcher000 @chibi-acer @deanmanwalking2 Or the even better choice, Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Avatar image for wexorian

Next DLC Build your own desings cars,kinder garden,school,office,jail, aeroport each 15-20$

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

hahah Simcity DLC already? That didn't take long.

Avatar image for Angel_Belial

Anyone remember Theme Park World? I had many hours of fun playing that one years ago.

Avatar image for wexorian

@Angel_Belial Sim Theme, Theme park world,Theme hospital, populous. Greatest Simulator games from Bullfrog :))

Avatar image for Metronoid

@Angel_Belial I always liked the first game from 94, Theme Park, the best version is for ps1, but the second game, Theme Hospital , the Pc version has better graphics.

Avatar image for wexorian

@Metronoid Theme hospital was Humorous and great game :P

Avatar image for rocketsatdawn

I remember the clowns and the music ahhhhhh!!

Avatar image for Pi

And.............another great franchise and developer bites the dust at the hands of EA.............

Avatar image for northArrow

@Pi In all honesty, I don't put the entire blame on EA. I think EA forced the online DRM, but the rest of the problems (like poor game design) can be placed on Maxis.

Avatar image for Pi

@northArrow @Pi True, but EA owns Maxis and a majority of the bugs and strange design decisions were due to the accelerated development schedule mandated by EA. The game needed at LEAST another year in development...........probably two. In an interview the lead designer said that some of the problems - like poor routing/AI for sims and the "simulation" fudging numbers - were necessary evils and simply "fixes" implemented because they ran out of time.........

Avatar image for Pi

@chibi-acer @Pi @northArrow Yeah, I wasn't talking about the server issues.........more about the broken aspects of the game engine........I also doubt more time would have had any effect on server issues. But in retrospect the server issues are the least of the game's problems..........

Avatar image for chibi-acer

@Pi @northArrow I dunno, in developer interviews they seemed pretty confident that their servers would be able to handle the load, some as recent as one week before launch. I think they were just technically incompetent.

Another year might not have made a difference. They thought they were ready. And found they were completely wrong.

Avatar image for Pi

For all those talking about increased map size, it isn't going to happen anytime soon........and probably not at all. In a recent interview one of the devs said it was not even a consideration. This is mostly because the game engine breaks down at higher populations increasing map size would just make the bugs more prevalent.

The game was released in alpha it is in what would normally be considered beta state. To make matters worse, they continually work on DLC while the game is still utterly broken. Core game mechanics like the region aspects - which were the whole excuse for always-online - simple do not work. And the amount of effort they put into fixing the game is minimal. They have appointed normal players from the forums to take bug reports from other forum members and forward them on to the devs. If a bug isn't reported via the forums by PLAYERS and forwarded on to them en masse by PLAYERS, they claim they "don't know about it". One of the top five worst releases ever - both due to the server issues..........and then people discovering the game is simply broken when they finally managed to get online. The only worse launch I can remember is the last iteration of Front Page Sports Football, which was eventually recalled and a refund given.

Anyhow, if anyone is interested in the true state of the game just hop over to the official forums. You'll see how much the poor souls who were unfortunate enough to purchase this game are "enjoying" it.

Avatar image for tim1935

@Pi Seems like a bad idea to let fellow players moderate the bug fixes. Why does EA need volunteers to help them? Oh yeah they laid everyone off so now they can't support their own infrastructure.

Avatar image for Pi

@tim1935 @Pi Yeah, and can you imagine if this "system" catches on? EA and others are watching these SimCity gamers who are willing to do the dev's work for free. Lets hope they don't get the idea it is ok to release broken games with no quality/bug testing and leave it up to the players to work for free sending them bug reports AFTER paying for the game........then fix it at their leisure (or not) after already making their money on game sales.

Avatar image for blackothh

@tim1935 @Pi because nobody inside EA actually knows anything about video games anymore.

Avatar image for blackothh

@Pi did a little google searching and came across this youtube video of a guy claiming to have bypassed the online garbage and made bigger cities

its a shame that gamers have to take matters into their own hands and fix broken crap

Avatar image for shanoobergloobe

EA= turd

Avatar image for Supperdude9

Something like this is already out. It's called Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum!

Hell of a lot of fun to play, and it's on Steam.

Avatar image for Darkreaper_1

"Some of you may have seen thrilling new #SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It’s coming May 28. We think you’ll be amused,"

No, no we won't...

Avatar image for brainiac1988

Dont care about the being online to play. Just make the maps bigger. Like 20 times bigger.

Avatar image for bragart

@brainiac1988 The question is how much are you willing to pay for bigger map size... ?

Avatar image for brainiac1988

@bragart if they charge for that they are truly the worst game company ever.

Avatar image for blackothh

@brainiac1988 @bragart dont you worry, they ARE the worst company and they WILL charge for it if we let them.

Avatar image for bragart

@brainiac1988 @bragart Didn't they win worst company in America title two years in a row ?