SimCity 4.0 update detailed

Latest overhaul to city-building game adds Launch Park for early adopters, Edgewater Bay region, and various bug fixes.


SimCity developer Maxis has detailed the game's 4.0 update, expected to go live shortly.

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The update adds the new Launch Park (available only for SimCity early adopters), as well as the Edgewater Bay region, and various tweaks and bug fixes.

With the update applied, SimCity players will be able to see their current server in the options menu and have "more detailed" rollover information on whether or not Sims received happiness from a park or from shopping. Previously, this information was generic, Maxis said.

SimCity launched in March and was beset by widespread server woes. Despite its initial struggles, the game has sold over 1.6 million copies to date.

The full SimCity 4.0 update details are below.

New: SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive new park just for our dedicated fans who were early adopters.
New: Region: Edgewater Bay. Seven city sites in one cluster around a beautiful bay with one great work site.
New: Your current server will now be shown in the options menu.
New: More detailed rollover information on buildings telling player’s if their Sims received happiness from a park or from shopping. Previous to this fix, this information was generic.
Re-Enabled Feature: Global Market prices now dynamically change during gameplay.
Re-Enabled Feature: Leaderboards will be active on EU West 3, Pacific 1 and Pacific 2 at the release. We will enable them on additional servers throughout the day.
Re-Enabled Feature: Region filters are now enabled on all SimCity servers. Players will be able to search for open games by Map Name, Sandbox Mode, and Abandoned Cities.
Rain Clouds: Fixed an issue where some cities would not have rain clouds to replenish their water table. If you had a city with this issue, you will start seeing clouds again within a game day.
Fire: Improved response time of fire trucks to fires. Improved the time it takes for a fire signal to reach a fire station.
Mission updates: Tuned Metals HQ and Community College missions. These were appearing too early, making them difficult to complete. They now appear later in a city’s development.
Solar Farm Great Work: Reduced fire risk at the Solar Farm Great work. Local fire engines were spending too much time at the Solar Farm.
Messaging: Improved pre-requisite messaging for Trade Port, Casinos, Smelting Factory and Oil Refinery. It should be clearer on how to unlock these buildings.
Graphics: Fix for flickering low wealth buildings on NVIDIA graphics cards.
Education: Fix for an issue some cities experienced where commuting students did not return from a neighbor’s city. This was causing a problem where students would disappear from a city in some cases.
Tuning: Sims will lose a small amount of happiness if they don’t have a place to shop. Cities without places to shop will see complaints and feel the effect of unhappy Sims. This will emphasize the importance of commercial zones.

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Avatar image for Vlad_an_impaler

Still a POS from POV.

Avatar image for Scritty

Still a dumbed down version of Sim City 4. So many missing features, so many un-needed restrictions - so many "rollbacks" and lost development. So bye bye to my £50. Version 4.0 and it's only been out 3 months! Just goes to show what a clustermug the game was at launch - sadly it's not a whole lot better now.

Avatar image for DefconRave

Making your city dependent on other human players to prosper is one of the dumbest design choices maxis made.

Having no control over factors that may harm/help your city would be infuriatingly frustrating for me.

Thankfully I resisted the temptation and skipped this turd.

Avatar image for thundercave01

a game that has a 4.0 update...........

Avatar image for highroller1234

Have they made any improvements to the traffic issues???

Avatar image for Deamon-Slayer

Well, for me the only problem of this game is the DRM issue, but I haven't had it anymore, the game is actually fun and enjoyable. I hope it's a lesson for EA that they should allow users in single mode to stay offline. If they want to check for piracy then they should come out with a better solution. But I say the game itself I find it very enjoyable, I think Maxis did a good job, but EA is the villain here not Maxis. There are bugs yes but what game dosen't have, I'm sure Maxis is working around the clock to fix this, mainly it's their #1 game and they depend on it.

Avatar image for bloody-hell

I see the, let's face it, public beta is still ongoing and has now reached version 0.4 - Only a year of patching to go and it may actually become playable.
But only if they finally grow a brain and enable offline mode with entirely optional online mode with self host-able server capability and no Origin requirement.

Oh who am I kidding, it's not even just the completely broken game anymore that's bad, it's the game as a whole with all the dumbing down, limitations, restrictions and it being just a broken unenjoyable advertisement platform.

Accidentaly watched a stream on Twitch yesterday for about 5 minutes (about 200 people were watching him at that time), guess what - while visiting another players city in the region he got booted back to the main menu and all he could do when loading back his city was to rollback to a much earlier state which wouldn't work so he had to start from scratch again - which was the second I left that 5 minute impression while laughing like a maniac and shaking my head in disbelieve.

It's been about 3 months and they still can't even get savegames to work properly.
Quickly checked the sub-reddit for SimCity, was full of "entertainment" too, confirming that it's still a broken mess.

Avatar image for Plataea

Simcity is the sort of game I want to play by myself, my own way, in my own time. I don't want to be forced to rely on other people and interact in multiplayer in what is, essentially, a single-player sandbox experience.

Avatar image for made_u_look

@Plataea Agreed there are certain games I want to solo mostly strategy games and RPG's. Biggest blunder Maxis did was making this only online experience. Hopefully Firaxis and Sid Meier have zero inclinations of doing the same thing.

Avatar image for downloadthefile

I'm never buying this game, despite having looked forward to it for months.

Avatar image for FernoFrY

@downloadthefile I waited years too, was so devastating by the direction they took it in. They have lot a long term fan from since Sim City 1

Avatar image for flamingboard

@downloadthefile Try waiting years. Crushed.

Avatar image for lucas182

Update FOUR-POINT-OH and they're STILL re-enabling features. PATHETIC

Avatar image for Lsnake

I've been thinking about giving it a try, but the single fact that I have to play this online really kills my decision to get it. Unlike let's say..Diablo 2 or Transport Tycoon (Old I know, but that's the point), who knows if I can pick up my old saves if I feel like it 5 years from now on?

Online only in Sim City is as retarded as it is in Diablo 3. They can glorify or justify it as much as they want but in the end it's pure BS.

Avatar image for farcorners

unless V5.0 = not forced online, This will remain the only Sim City game I have not bought. (Yes from the very original).

Avatar image for farcorners

Online is apparently stupid anyhow, as all the city clusters are getting ONE city in a cluster to be the GIMP and take all the pollution, bad effects, so all the other cities can shine.

Avatar image for IndiePrower

LMFAO, only 3 months and it's already on version 4.0

Avatar image for nighterrorx

I really want to pick this game back up...but EA lost me when I couldn't play it the first few weekends I actually had time. This and Diablo 3 may go down as my biggest game disappointments of all time --- and that is saying a lot....I actually "pre-ordered" (if you can call it that) Superman 64 back in the day LOL.

Avatar image for adupuis

@nighterrorx is Diablo 3 online only i don't have it yet

Avatar image for lucas182

@adupuis @nighterrorx yes

Avatar image for adupuis

@lucas182 @adupuis @nighterrorx thanks letting me know

Avatar image for andrescapo_

No single player offline mode yet? Okay, not interested then.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

@andrescapo_ I would like your avatar and page picture please.

Avatar image for andrescapo_

@WantYouBad Are you the same guy from IGN? Because there someone asked exactly the same and I told him that my mommy told me not to send my pictures to strangers over the internet ;)

Avatar image for WantYouBad

@andrescapo_ @WantYouBad Lol no, but it seems common, teasing everyone with that picture.

To quote the Waterboy, "MOMMAS WRONG AGAIN".

"No Colonel Sanders you're wrong, mamas right. MOMMAS RIGHT!"

"Somethings wrong with his Medulla Oblongata."

Avatar image for Tixylixx

Can you have bigger cities yet?

Avatar image for adupuis

@Tixylixx no i think cites are to small . I wish city s can as big ones in Cities Xl

Avatar image for cirugo



not going to happen.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

@cirugo @Tixylixx Sure it will, 2.99 per virtual square foot.

Avatar image for Nordvind78

@IrrationalBeast @Nordvind78 "in your massive gaping butthurt." Funny!! Well Sim City 5 is not the game im playing right now..But i know the town area is too small and im not alone thinking so ;)

Avatar image for mrklorox

Finally water will be a renewable resource. This was the biggest problem, next to traffic issues, I've had with the game functionality.

Avatar image for simc1

at this pace larger maps will come with patch 23.0.

I'm sorry I just can't play this game as it is now. Need large maps, highways, underground. its NECESSARY.

This game feels like simcity being abused by Simcity Societies

Avatar image for shanoobergloobe

EA still polishing a turd...

Avatar image for Aiberg

Not interested!

Avatar image for wickedd

Horray. Now I have to have shops in the city that has to room for it. Great, thanks Maxis.

Avatar image for Metronoid

Great news, specially for the Nvdia fix.

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

I still have not bought this game because it is still not fixed enough. I might finally get it when I see an expansion for bigger maps.

Avatar image for Vojtass

Am I the only one who thought about update of SimCity 4? That would be awesome.

Avatar image for MN121MN

@Vojtass Kickstart the real continuation of SimCity 4 anyone?

Avatar image for wickedd

@Vojtass I still own SimCity4 and since the release of the new one I'm playing much more of teh 4th than the 5th. Would like a 16:10 aspect ratio patch though.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@wickedd @Vojtass I have SC4 too. Awesome game, especially with mods.

Avatar image for cassiaofspears



from the Widescreen Gaming forum:

"Right-click the shortcut to the executable file and select properties. Add the following line to the target field...

-CustomResolution:enabled -r****x****

..where **** is the custom resolution. This will add your desired custom resolution"

eg [path]\simcity4.exe -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080

In Steam, you can right click on SimCity 4 and click on "game properties", go to "set launch options..." and enter "CustomResolution:enabled -r****x****"

Avatar image for mrklorox

@cassiaofspears @wickedd Yes, and be sure to grab the "Windowed Borderless Gaming" app on the Steam forums to help with compatibility. SimCity4 is limited to 16BPP on modern machines and graphics cards when using actual fullscreen mode, along with a few other issues. The Windowed Borderless Gaming app fixes them. Just be sure to configure it properly.

Avatar image for ratchet200

To little to late EA. I don't think they can ever recover from this blunder, regardless of how many patches the release.

Avatar image for thorn3000

@ratchet200 or how many servers they shut down....

Avatar image for AlexFili

Hurray, people are getting access to game functions they paid for... genius

Avatar image for silvergol

Lol! @AlexFili

Avatar image for Virginx

I never understood the whole point of playing these type of games?

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Would love to see Kevins opinion on how much the changes have really effected the game. Seeing the headline bullet points of what is new doesn't do much to reflect the overall game and how much the true problems were addressed.