SimCity 4 and The Sims PS2 delayed

A source at EA reveals that the release of the two Maxis games has been delayed until early next year for marketing reasons.


Maxis had a big holiday season planned, with both SimCity 4 and the PlayStation 2 version of The Sims set to ship in early November. But the plans have changed. According to a source at EA, both games are now scheduled for release in January. The games are said to be on track to ship this year, but their release has been delayed for marketing reasons. EA wants to focus its marketing on the numerous other games it has slated for the busy holiday season, like The Sims Unleashed and The Sims Online.

A company official stated that Maxis will likely "use this additional time to polish" the delayed games some more. When GameSpot last saw the games, they did indeed seem to be on track for their scheduled release dates. For more details on the games, check out our previous coverage of SimCity 4 and SimCity 4 for the PS2.

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