Silviu 'NightEnD' Lazar joins NewRoSoft

AFter leaving fnatic as early as yesterday, the protoss player has already found a new team to fight for in the shape of the Romanian team NewRoSoft.


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After a rather successful career with fnatic, the best Romanian SC2 player has now found a new home in NewRoSoft. The team, almost exclusively sponsored by the software developer with the same name will undoubtedly be a much more convenient solution for the protoss player, as the team is based out of Bucharest, with a dedicated practice facility for its players.

With the addition of NightEnD, the team will feature a total of three accomplished players within the European scene with the aforementioned NightEnD, as well as Andreas 'KraSs' Ullrich and Vesa 'Welmu' Hovinen.

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