Silicon Knights charting X-Men: Destiny

Activision teams with Too Human developer on new Marvel-themed, "player choice"-driven title, coming to unspecified consoles in fall 2011.


X-Men: Destiny

Earlier this week, Sega announced its latest use of its Marvel license, saying that it would bring Captain America: Super Soldier to consoles and handhelds next year. That's not the only superhero title to be announced for a 2011 release this week, as Activision confirmed today that it is collaborating with Marvel on X-Men: Destiny.

Activision promises X-Men: Destiny will soon take shape.
Activision promises X-Men: Destiny will soon take shape.

Details on X-Men: Destiny remain largely under wraps, with Activision promising a more comprehensive reveal as part of the New York Comic-Con on October 9. However, the publisher did say that the game will arrive on unspecified consoles in fall 2011.

X-Men: Destiny will also be an all-new original property, one with a branching storyline and an emphasis on player choice. In it, players will be cast as a new mutant recruit in Professor Xavier's strike team of superpowered do-gooders. The game will also feature an original storyline written by Mike Carey, who is perhaps best known for his work on Marvel's X-Men: Legacy comic series.

Notably, Activision has tapped independent developer Silicon Knights for development duties on X-Men: Destiny. Though Silicon Knights didn't strike critical success with its Ragnarok-themed action adventure Too Human in 2008, the Dennis Dyack-led Canadian developer won fans with 2004's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and 2002's Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Along with today's announcement, Activision launched a teaser site for X-Men: Destiny.

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