Silent Storm update

Nival Interactive releases new information on its upcoming World War II turn-based strategy RPG for the PC.


Silent Storm

Nival Interactive has today released new information on Silent Storm for the PC. The World War II turn-based strategy and role-playing game, which is currently scheduled for worldwide release in September, will use LifeMode Interactive's facial animation technology to ensure that characters look as realistic as possible. Silent Storm will feature a detailed character editor tool to allow players to customize their own heroes. All of the characters in the game will feature lifelike lip-synching and facial animation, and players will be able to change their facial features, cultures, personalities, and even haircuts.

"LS:Head has radically simplified lip-synch realization and the generation process of character's faces in the Silent Storm," said Serge Orlovsky, CEO of Nival Interactive. "This technology has knocked weeks off our development time and saved us a few gallons of coffee and resolved a lot of our team's headaches in the process."

Silent Storm features a nonlinear campaign structure and will allow players to choose a squad of five soldiers from a pool of more than 40 for each individual mission. More than 75 authentic World War II weapons, ranging from daggers to rocket launchers, will be available to players, and all of the environments in the game will be completely destructible. For more information on Silent Storm--a demo version of which should be available in the coming weeks--check out our previous coverage of the game.

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