Silent Line: Armored Core goes gold

Agetec announces that development on its latest Armored Core action game is complete. New screens inside.


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Agetec has today announced that Silent Line: Armored Core for the PlayStation 2 has gone gold and should be arriving in stores across North America later this month. Silent Line is the latest game in From Software's Armored Core robot combat series, and it picks up right where Armored Core 3 left off.

"Our partnership with From Software has delivered what we feel is the ultimate Armored Core experience and we're confident that fans both new and old will agree," said Rob Alvarez, vice president of marketing at Agetec. "This is what has given the entire Armored Core series of games a replay factor that is limited only by the imagination of the gamers."

Silent Line: Armored Core features more than 34 missions, 41 different arena opponents, 21 versus battle maps, and a total of 428 different parts from which players can construct their own Armored Core robot. A new first-person cockpit camera lets players get closer to the action than ever before, and it's now even possible to target and destroy an enemy's weapon systems.

Silent Line: Armored Core is currently scheduled for release in North America on July 29. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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