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Silent Hill: Townfall Teaser Trailer Revealed

The upcoming title is a collaboration between Konami, Annapurna, and BAFTA award-winning No Code studio.


As part of October 19's Silent Hill Transmission, a new entry in the Silent Hill series has been revealed. Silent Hill: Townfall is a collaboration between Konami, Annapurna Interactive, and the BAFTA award-winning No Code studio. While the conference featured a short teaser trailer, not much has been revealed about the upcoming game. However, No Code creative director Jon McKellan stated the game respects the Silent Hill franchise, while doing "something a little bit different" with the series' source material.

Alongside Silent Hill: Townfall's reveal, Konami shared a short teaser trailer of the game. The clip consists of a series of gruesome images and videos displayed on a CRTV pocket television. In the background, a man coldly demands to know why the listener is here. The listener then replies, "to be punished," though the speaker doesn't seem entirely convinced. The trailer ends with a flash of a man in glasses before revealing the game's title card.

Though the trailer was fairly hard to decipher, McKellan alluded to possible Easter eggs hidden within the short video. Following the teaser trailer, McKellan stated, "it might be worth watching that trailer again and seeing what you might have missed."

Interestingly enough, it seems as if Silent Hill: Townfall is merely the start of a large push by Konami to bring on outside studios to develop Silent Hill games. Silent Hill producer Motoi Okamoto stated the company plans to "expand partnerships with equally talented teams" in the future.

In addition to Silent Hill: Townfall, two other Silent Hill titles were revealed during the transmission: a Silent Hill 2 remake and Silent Hill F.

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