Silent Hill: Shattered Memories confirmed for fall

"Reimagined" edition of Konami's original survival horror adventure to spook Wii, PS2, PSP later this year.


Last week, online reports surfaced claiming that Konami was prepping a remake of its original survival horror action adventure Silent Hill, which first saw release on the PlayStation in 1999. At the time, a Konami representative confirmed for GameSpot that an official announcement for the game was en route. And true to its word, the publisher revealed today that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will arrive for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PSP this fall.

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Calling Silent Hill: Shattered Memories a reimagining rather than a remake, Konami said that the game will again follow Harry Mason as he searches the eerie town of Silent Hill in an effort to find his daughter. However, Shattered Memories will offer a number of new wrinkles on the original, with Konami promising "an interactive user interface" as well as a revamped puzzle system.

As noted last week, the most significant change to Shattered Memories will be the psych profile system. Speaking to Nintendo Power, producer Tomm Hulett commented: "One of Shattered Memories' most significant and intriguing additions--your answers actually affect how the game unfolds. And it doesn't end there. The game 'watches' you constantly, and your behavior throughout can determine when you'll meet certain characters, which scenes you'll witness, and a variety of other factors."

With 2008's Silent Hill: Homecoming released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, Konami noted that Shattered Memories will be the first installment in the series released for the Wii. The Nintendo edition will support the Wii Remote's motion-sensing capabilities, with players using the controller as a stand-in for a flashlight and cell phone, which aid them in finding clues.

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Why PS2 and no PS3??

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Sad :( Its not coming for the pc....i played it over 10 times in psone

Avatar image for MrHatnClogs

Finally!! Something to look forward to on the Wii besides the new Metroid and New Super Mario!

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will it be ever realesed for the pc???? oh man iwant this game so bad.... :(

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I was feeling bad 'cause they said it was only for the Wii but now... mi psp will be happy once again

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Pretty excited about this. I'll be picking it up for PSP, and whenever I get a Wii, for that too.

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I read an article about this on IGN and the guy seemed blown away by what he saw check it out: << LINK REMOVED >>

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1. Climax did not do a great job with Origins. It was alright, not great. 2. From what I have been reading online, there will be no combat... It is gone. You have hide and evade from the monsters. 3. The screens I have seen don't look too good. Harry is wearing glasses and Cybil looks like she's wearing riot gear. Why change any of this? Why even remake it? It's a classic. Just leave it alone.

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@kytomasi What i find more funny is the fact that you're pretty much right.

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@japanesegoth : I agree with you...But don't forget that it's a remake...It will definitely not need as much time as a totally new game...They keep the story , the characters desing , the combat...(I am talking about ps2 & psp version because in Wii it will be totally different)...So yes, it is a bit rushed but let's hope that it will be a worthy addition to the Silent Hill series...

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Origins was a good game... except story and length. Because this is remake with everything done before I hope this will be a good remake.

Avatar image for japanesegoth

so we are just recently hearing that this game even exists and it's already due out by fall? that kinda sounds rushed don't you think? now i'm definitely not expecting much.

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Why can't you people trust Climax? I mean Origins wasn't Amazing, but it was good. You can tell Climax tried REALLY tried hard on it. They really want to please fans, but it's very hard for them when the fans keep on changing their mind on what they want, and keep on nit picking. The only thing that's really bothering me about the game right now is the supposed "Ice" theme. but I know they might very well pull it off. I like everything else so far.

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I never played a Silent Hill game, unless you count the Silent Hill level someone made in LBP, which is the coolest level I have played :D

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I won't play it if its not Team Silent.

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I played Silent Hill 1999., Syphon Filter also. Got them on the same day, Great game(s), i just loved that hunters rifle. Memories...

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i hope brain1296 is not rite...i love the way silent hill games need to redo or change..otherwise the game is should leave the past in the past and create new things... the reason people fell in love with silent hill is because of the first games faults...well i did...the bad angles and bad a way the bad controlloing system made it harder to play making it a much better survival horror.. i say leave it the way it is and if you wanna remake a silent hill remake 2 or 3...they are my faves..

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While most of the new things added to the gameplay sound promising, I don't trust Climax. They'll try to change the series completely, just for the sake of changing it. Yeah, there is room for improvements, but in some other aspects the game isn't broken, so why fix it? The full removal of the combat is the most stupid thing to do. I agree, Silent Hill was never heavy on action, but more difficult battles or less monster encounters will do much better than trying to play through the game without a single weapon (learn from Siren, Konami).

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lol WII & PS2 graphics are on the same level

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I am willing to give this a try since I am a fan of the series. I just hope the wii version isn't just a port of the ps2 and psp version with a crappy last minute motion control scheme thrown in. As long as the motion controls are well thought out and implemented I think this will be a good game. Real curious about the whole psych profile system, sounds cool.

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HOLY CRAP yeah!!! This is great, I couldn't stand the PSX graphics, PS2s are more bearable

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so if the Japanese handle this one, i'm on board, if it's not Japanese developed then forget it.

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I remember back in 2000 when i first bought this game. I was about 12, and haven't experienced a horror genre of gaming yet. The game gave me such a rush, and as soon as Silent Hill 2 came out I bought it day of release, then couldn't sleep well for a few nights. To be completely honest I think this re-imagining of the game is definitely worth a shot, because for all the loyal Silent Hill fans it would be a good feeling to get back at the game if you don't own a console to play the original on, or you can't find the game. I also didn't think Homecoming was so terrible, although I do admit to it having the weakest story of the series. it was still really fun.

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I noticed most of you guys forgot the fact that its coming out for the PSP. Sounds good to me, but wait what about "PSP2" coming this December. So many questions unanswered, cant wait until E3

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I'm all over this. the Resident Evil remake owned. no reason this should suck. and yeah, maybe they are running out of ideas (homecoming was weak) so this might just inject some life in this franchise. besides, its on Wii? sounds like a perfect match to me.

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=') thank you

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DON'T DO THE REMAKE!!! That's just a sign that Konami are running out of ideas for a perfect horror series, so they're going down the rehash road. Why? Silent Hill 1 was perfect enough so doing a remake is completely pointless. I'm a dedicated SH fan and I believe that if Konami want a solid game, they should go away for a while and come up with some ideas.

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This sounds pretty good. Can't wait to check out the gameplay. Let's not forget no matter how strong the system is, if the gameplay is good the rest is secondary.

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The original silent hill, simply, the best one of the series, for those complaining about not being for next gen consoles, why dont you just stop being such a next gen whore and dare to play what could be a great remake of a great game, think of those ps2 games you loved, now imagine those games are released now at this present time with all the next gen stuff already out, wouldn't most of you still love those games even when they aren't for ps3 or xbox360??? You can play it, the original was great, its not like ps2 has the graphics of Wasteland, why dont you wait to see how it turns out and give it a try???

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i dont think is a shame since the 360 game was worse than the ps2 ones...So..power there meant nothing.

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Sounds great, shame it isn't on the Xbox 360 though... but fortunately I have a PS2 plugged in with my Xbox 360, so it's all good :). Never played the original besides for about 10 minutes because it was too hard, but I am going to get Homecoming soon and get in to the Silent Hill franchise, as I am a big fan of Resident Evil and Horror games.

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I'm starting to play more horror games. This is the first Silent Hill that has come to Nintendo. I may check it out.

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Oh come on!! :? I don't want a Silent Hill game following suit of RE5 replacing tension with action, but seriously... how am I suppose to enjoy this "reimagined" 10 year old adventure on a bunch of systems I've long moved on from?! Even if I decided to scoop up the game for the PS2 and try to play it with the PS3, thats barely possible! This is all kind of stupid, but I do look forward to seeing how things turn out for the Wii addition.

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for god sake! i was glad wen i read up to the point its being released on psp an ps2 as well that means the wii once again gets the s*** end of the stick and were left with dodgy graphics with some half arsed motion control

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o great, "PSP and PS2 Also" just made my day.

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"This is great news. I love the Silent Hill games. I am happy that it is coming out for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. But why omit the ?" Fix'd, since Wii, PS3 and 360 are all part of the same console generation.

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anybody thinking PORT!? why couldnt we just have a wii exclusive? too many platforms for this game to be a success on the wii:( im hoping for the best though, especially w/ the absence of Sadness and no state-side release of Fatal FrameIV. !!!WII NEED HORROR!!!

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green_dominator are u a retard the ps2 is one of the best consoles out , with great games........ u think because your ps3 renders nice graphics , all the games are great? all the ps3 games suck , with the nice graphics and all (exept for mgs4). grow up fanboy.

Avatar image for Deathrebellion

yes its on the PS2 how nice of Konami

Avatar image for dantesergei

yeah i care about the PS2 "green dominator" and im happy i will be able to play it since i dont own a nintendo Wii.

Avatar image for am1damaru

Some comments like "Why not on Xbox360 or PS3?" makes me laugh. It's so funny that people think that buying the next-gen system will make them be "The Kings of Games" where games cannot pass without being played by them muhahah. I wish that they wouldn't upgrade Silent Hill too much because it was genius.

Avatar image for green_dominator

Goddamn, this needs to be on PS3 and XBOX 360 not PS2.... PS2 is dead, does anyone else care about the system anymore?? I don't it just collects dust on my desk lol

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Avatar image for mikeyg756

Damn it!. Why are they not remaking it with next gen graphics?. Why not follow capcoms resident evil remakes success? they pulled out a remake that looked better than any other game out at the time. I dunno how much better its gonna look but the only thing you can really achieve in a remake is better graphics and more fleshed out gameplay, if you only have the gameplay then its not going to be as well received as the game that came out 10 years ago.

Avatar image for IAmDazzle

I imagine some version of this will have awful graphics. Hopefully the PSP version presents itself well, as I would be most likely to get that one. Making on the PS2 does seem useless, but hell why not, I am sure SOMEONE will buy it, especially since the PS2 went down in price.

Avatar image for EyeBleedNoSleep

This is great news. I love the Silent Hill games. I am happy that it is coming out for the Wii, PS2 and PSP. But why omit the next-gen counsels? Yet another reason why I did not understand SONYs reason for removing the backwards compatibility for the later models of the PS3. If they are still going to release PS2 games. Why take it out? Many gamers do not have their PS2 any more. But still want to play PS2 games. Backwards compatibility solves that problem I just dont get it.

Avatar image for picklesrocks

why bother making it for the ps2? its nearly dead anyway, why not make its for the 360 and ps3 aswell?

Avatar image for herviross_2

I haven't played the original Silent Hill so this is a definite must-buy for me. The new psych system sounds pretty neat and should definitely work in a survival-horror game like Silent Hill.

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That actually sounds quite good. I'm torn between whether to buy the PSP or Wii version. My Wii has been kind of neglected for the last 8 months or so so it'll be nice to hit that power button again.