Silent Hill Seemingly Teased By Guillermo Del Toro At The Game Awards

Was this a shoutout from a fan, or a wink to players waiting for a reveal?


While The Game Awards handed out hardware and debuted new trailers, one moment stood out maybe more than it should've--or maybe exactly as it should've. Guillermo Del Toro checked in via a pre-recorded video to promote his next horror movie, Nightmare Alley, and announce the winner for the Best Art Direction award. But it was his passing comment regarding Silent Hill that stuck out.

"You know, one franchise I love the art direction in: Silent Hill. I hope we get a new one of those." Del Toro then playfully shrugged his shoulders as though he knows no better than anyone--which of course made us think he actually does know something.

Muddying the waters even more is the fact that Hideo Kojima introduced Del Toro. The pair were previously attached to Silent Hills, a planned sequel that was later canned when Konami and Kojima had their very public fallout. The moment is likely to cause a stir in the days ahead, as Silent Hill theory-crafters have been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since the Silent Hills demo, PT, was left in limbo and permanently removed from PlayStation Network by Konami in 2016.

Time will tell whether we need to update this story very soon or perhaps not for a long time, if at all. Konami has mostly exited the game development scene, but rumors persist that the publisher has been actively shopping for a new studio to make Silent Hill. Would Konami allow Del Toro and Kojima to return to their canceled project? We're just as excited as you to learn more.

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