Silent Hill comes home in September

Europe to get Homecoming, the latest in the survival horror franchise, in autumn; US release date not yet known.


When the original Silent Hill game crept up on gamers in 1999, few could have guessed it would spawn a series still serving up shocks almost 10 years later. Konami's amazingly brief E3 '07 press conference confirmed that it would bedo just that, when the company announced Silent Hill 5 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Konami has now confirmed that the game will be called Silent Hill: Homecoming, and will hit European shores at the end of September this year. News about other territories was not released.

The game introduces a new protagonist, Alex Shepherd, and follows him as he moves from his hometown back to the titular town to face the "darkest horrors" and find his brother. Konami has promised a new combat system to go with the change of platform, but the only details currently available are that it will feature "a wide array of attacks and counters" and "a variety of weapons."

Homecoming will be the venerable survival horror franchise's first outing on next-gen platforms. It will also be the first entry in the series to extend the story since 2004's Silent Hill 4: The Room. Last year's PlayStation Portable title Silent Hill: Origins, which arrived on the PlayStation 2 earlier this year, was a prequel.

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