Silent Hill: Ascension Is A New Interactive Streaming Experience Set To Release In 2023

It's a streaming-slash-video game format with Genvid, Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive, and DJ2 Entertainment behind the steering wheel.


During the Silent Hill Transmission presentation, Konami revealed multiple new Silent Hill projects--including an "interactive streaming experience" called Silent Hill: Ascension. Genvid (specialist in creating video game and streaming show hybrids), Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive (Dead by Daylight dev), and DJ2 Entertainment (company that adapts video games to TV and film) are behind this new title, and the project is set to release in 2023.

The trailer shows text that looks like people chatting with each other online--very Twitch chat-esque--with one exclaiming, "Can we save her?" The trailer tagline is "face your traumas together."

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Judging by the stacked lineup and what each of these companies do, Silent Hill: Ascension seems similar to The Walking Dead: Last Mile. Last Mile is set up as a weekly streaming show with character's actions influenced by viewers and players' decisions.

"It's a live real-time interactive series where millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds," said Genvid CEO Jacob Navok. "You can change its outcomes and even be a part of scenes." Players' decisions are final however, and there is no reset button.

According to Navok, Ascension was inspired by watching streamers play Silent Hill with their viewers looking on. Ascension's goal is to take that sort of communal fear and maximize it. Creatures in Ascension will take the shape of characters' past traumas according to art director Chris Amaral.

Aside from Ascension, Silent Hill Transmission presentation also announced Silent Hill F, the long rumored Silent Hill 2 remake, and Silent Hill Townfall.

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