Silent Hill 4 ships

Konami's chilling sequel will haunt PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStation 2's nationwide soon.


Weeks after it debuted at the top of the Japanese charts, Silent Hill 4: The Room is poised to scare American gamers senseless. Konami announced this morning that the game has shipped for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. Rated "M" for Mature, the self-developed sequel retails for $39.99; the PC version will ship on a DVD-ROM.

Like its predecessors, Silent Hill 4 puts its emphasis on spooky atmosphere. The game follows an all-new protagonist, Henry Townshend, as he awakes to find his apartment sealed by otherworldly forces. To escape, he must venture through an interdimensional portal. On the other side, though, await a series of undead beasts and evil specters, whom he must defeat while unlocking the secrets to open his apartment. The game itself will shift from first- to third-person view, depending on the situation.

For now, GameSpot's previous coverage has more information on Silent Hill 4, with a full review coming soon.

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