Silent Hill 2 Xbox update

Silent Hill 2 likely won't make the Xbox launch, but it will include extra features.


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Konami's Silent Hill 2 development team has recently begun work on the Microsoft Xbox version of the game. The game will essentially be a director's cut of the PlayStation 2 version, with new modes and other extras not found in the PS2 game. Considering its early development status, it is likely that the game will not be completed in time for the North American launch of the Xbox on November 8. GameSpot spoke with Konami to get an update on the game's release status.

"We're unsure of the timing on the Xbox version," a company spokesperson said, when asked about the possibility of the game being released at launch. "Konami has never made any announcements regarding the timing or availability of the Xbox game. We intend to try to get the Xbox version out within a few months of the Xbox launch, but there are a lot of outside factors that can impact scheduling."

At this time, the company is hesitant to pin down a release date, saying that the game will be released when it's done and the development team is satisfied with the final product. The PlayStation 2 version of Silent Hill 2 is currently set for release in September in North America.

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