Sign-Ups Now Available for Evolve's Alpha, the Co-Op Shooter From Left 4 Dead Devs

Turtle Rock hopes to assemble a list of testers by this Saturday.

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Sign-ups are now available for an upcoming alpha test of cooperative monster-hunting shooter Evolve, developer Turtle Rock announced today.

You can visit the official Evolve site right now and fill out the registration form for your chance to play to the game prior to its launch later this year. You'll have to own a PC capable of playing the game--sorry, console owners--have a Steam account (which is free if you don't already have one), and agree not to disclose anything about your experience with the game.

You'll also need a password--"happyhunting" without the quotes--which Turtle Rock community manager Jess Damerst shared on Twitter, along with the referral code "JoinTheHunt" that you should enter during registration. Gamers interested in checking out Evolve should act fast, as Turtle Rock says it hopes to select its testers by Saturday, July 5. Dates for when the test will begin or end were not announced.

Evolve has a lot of positive buzz surrounding it, having just won the top prize from the E3 Game Critics Awards. The game pits a team of four players playing as humans against one player who assumes the role of a monster that evolves throughout the course of a match. GameSpot has taken an extensive look at the game recently as part of our Next Big Game feature.

Evolve, which publisher 2K says will be the "defining" game of the year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be available on both of those consoles and PC on October 21.

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