Sifu - The Tower Boss Fight Guide: How To Defeat Jinfeng The CEO

If you can hit her, you can defeat her.


So you've made it to The Tower in Sifu. The fourth Sifu boss, known as Jinfeng (The CEO), is a tricky one, simply because she’s hard to hit. You'll need to rethink your strategy that has gotten you this far. After pummeling away on bosses like Fajar, Sean, and Kuroki, you might want to use similar tactics to take down Jinfeng, but doing so will put you at a disadvantage. Instead, you must utilize a different tactic to get close to this boss and once you do, she’s highly susceptible to standard attacks. Here’s how to take down Jinfeng, the boss in The Tower level of Sifu.

How to defeat Jinfeng

Your gut reaction with this fight might be to run straight at her to begin attacking. After all, she’s a little old lady and you can take her, right? Well, you’ll notice if you run at her head-on, she’ll swipe you with her flail, and at first, it seems like nothing you can do will stop her.

The key with this fight is to block or run around her flail attacks while rotating around to her side. You should only have to deal with two or three flail attacks before getting close to her and once you do, she doesn’t put up much of a fight. As always, get a few attacks in, then back away to avoid her flail attack. While we do recommend blocking these moves, doing so will increase your Structure, so it’s sometimes a good idea to run around them if possible. Though, if you have to block them, you should do that rather than getting hit. Remember, as long as you curve around her instead of running head on, you’ll be in good shape.

It’s worth noting that blocking her flail will also increase her Structure, as well as yours, so you’ll want to plan accordingly throughout the fight. For instance, if your Structure is close to breaking, it might make more sense to run around her attack instead of blocking, because otherwise, you’d run the risk of becoming stunned. She can easily take you down with just a couple of swipes.

Getting close to Jinfeng is tough, but once you do, she's a pushover.
Getting close to Jinfeng is tough, but once you do, she's a pushover.

After you’ve started the cycle over again, keep rotating around and approaching Jinfeng, while moving past or blocking her flail attacks. Continue this process until your Focus meter is full. Then, approach her like you’ve been doing and unleash the Strong Sweep attack to deal more damage.

The nice thing about this fight is that all of Jinfeng’s attacks are easily telegraphed since she has to wind up each time she uses her flail. She only attacks with her flail, so you won’t need to worry about learning any complex moves or animation patterns. If she winds up her flail, either block or run around the attack as you close in for a few strikes. In total, you should only need to repeat the cycle four or five times. That’s how weak she is to standard attacks.

Once you’ve caused her Structure to break, use a finisher and then phase two will begin. This part of the fight plays out almost exactly like the first phase. Jinfeng becomes a little more aggressive than before, but the overall strategy remains the same. One thing that is a little different with phase two is that you’ll want to avoid staying too far away from her because her long swipes are far more devastating this time around. Even if you block them, these flail attacks increase your Structure dramatically, so you don’t want to get caught at mid-range against Jinfeng.

Instead, stay around 15 feet away from her, and either run around or avoid her flail attacks by holding L1 and moving the left stick left or right. This way, your Structure won’t take a hit and you’ll be able to quickly close the game to deal quick damage.

Keep repeating this process while mixing in a Focus attack or two to break her Structure. Jinfeng is an interesting boss because she’s presented as if she can’t be hit. But once you get around her flail attacks, she’s an absolute pushover, so focus on sidestepping her and getting close as quickly as you can. At the same time, you want to back away after you’ve dished out a few attacks so you don’t have to deal with a Structure break yourself.

For more on how long it takes to beat Sifu, read our guide here. We’ve also got a list of tips and tricks to help you get through the game unscathed.

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