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Sifu's Free Arenas Update Arrives Alongside Xbox And Steam Launch Later This Month

Developer Sloclap will introduce nine new locations and five additional game modes for players to kung-fu their way through.


Sifu is coming to Xbox and Steam on March 28, alongside the most substantial update yet to developer Slowclap's formerly PlayStation-exclusive beat-'em-up.

The game's free Arenas expansion will introduce "up to 10 extra hours of gameplay" in the form of five new game modes, 45 challenges, and nine additional locations, according to a press release. Players can test their skills in Survival mode, Time Attack, Performance (aka Score Attack), Capture mode, or Manhunt mode.

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Of the five, Survival, Time Attack, and Performance are all fairly self-explanatory. Capture and Manhunt are a little more unique. In Manhunt, players will need to take down a specific target surrounded by powerful bodyguards, while Capture will task players with securing and holding a marked area from encroaching enemies.

The Arenas expansion will be there at launch for those playing on Xbox and Steam, alongside the numerous other updates that have come to Sifu in the past year that have introduced things like additional difficulty options, gameplay modifiers, new outfits, and more. Existing owners on PlayStation will need to download the Arenas expansion in the form of an update.

Sifu sees players step into the shoes of a young kung-fu student, who, after the murder of their master, embarks on a quest for revenge. Each death causes players to rise from defeat wiser, but also older, with players needing to exact their vengeance before the inescapable reach of time takes its toll.

GameSpot's Sifu review awarded the game a 9/10, praising the action-title's unique aging mechanic and "top-tier combat." We also included the game in our list of the five best PlayStation-exclusive titles for 2022, alongside titles like Stray and Horizon Forbidden West. A Sifu film adaptation from the creator of the John Wick series is reportedly in the works.

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