Sierra signs next Schafer game

Vivendi Games brand to publish the next game from Double Fine Productions; details on project still hush-hush.


Earlier this month, some Vivendi Games legal mumbo jumbo let slip that the publisher was in line to publish the next game from Double Fine Productions, maker of the lauded Psychonauts. While the SEC filing is almost as good as an official announcement, Vivendi would not comment on such a deal at the time.

Almost a week later, the company has confirmed the deal and has announced that the unnamed game will be under the brand of one of its subsidiaries, Sierra Entertainment. No details have yet surfaced on the game, and Vivendi describes it only as "a brand new creation."

"The Sierra team has been awesome to work with," said Tim Schafer, president and CEO of Double Fine. "Everyone we've met brings experience from a small developer background, so they know where we're coming from and what we have to do to make a great game."

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