Sierra Online preps pair for XBL, PC

On-rails space shooter Aces of the Galaxy and rabbit-busting puzzler Boogie Bunnies popping up on Microsoft's platforms this winter.


Boogie Bunnies
Aces of the Galaxy

While Blizzard has been making a killing for Vivendi Games in the massively multiplayer online market, the publisher has been looking to corner the small-to-medium-sized downloadable game space with its Sierra Online brand. In addition to the turn-based strategy game Carcassonne and 3D Ultra Minigolf, the online-focused publisher will be peppering Xbox Live and the PC with a number of other releases before the year's end, including Battlestar Galactica and Commanders: Attack!.


Now, Sierra Online has added two more downloadable offerings for Xbox Live and PCs, Aces of the Galaxy and Boogie Bunnies. As detailed in GameSpot's piping-fresh preview, Aces of the Galaxy is a space shooter on rails that lets players blast through more than 20 levels. The game includes both single-player and multiplayer co-op modes.

A color-matching puzzle game, Boogie Bunnies floods players' screens with the notoriously replicating lagomorphs. To keep the bunnies at bay, players match up bunnies three of a kind as they march onto the screen.

Sierra Online has slated both games for "this winter." Neither game has been priced nor rated.

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