Sierra closes Dynamix

The Oregon-based developer that created the Tribes team-based action games has been shut down.


Confirming recent reports, Sierra On-Line today announced the closure of its Dynamix game development studio in Eugene, Oregon. The closure includes lay-offs for 97 Dynamix employees, all of whom will receive competitive severance packages and outplacement services. According to Sierra, the decision was made in order to consolidate product development and marketing functions. The closure will not affect the support of the Tribes team-based action game series other than to move the management of the games to Sierra's offices in Bellevue, Washington. Sierra will announce any schedule changes for other Dynamix projects at a later date.

Dynamix developed Starsiege: Tribes, a groundbreaking team-based first-person shooter that was released in 1998. The studio also developed the sequel to the game, Tribes 2, a technologically advanced shooter that was released earlier this year. For more information, take a look at our in-depth review of the game, and visit the official Dynamix Web site.

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Man they made some good ole DOS games that i still have such as aces of the deep!

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...why did no one comment this? this is freakin crazy news. RIP makers of Tribes and Incredible Machine.