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Sierra announces new Papyrus NASCAR game

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season will have enhanced graphics and audio as well as the 2003 NASCAR lineup when it comes out early next year.


Sierra Entertainment has announced the next game in Papyrus' acclaimed NASCAR Racing series. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is timed to come out when the official NASCAR season kicks off next February. The 2003 edition promises enhanced 3D graphics and audio, new tutorials, and official NASCAR 2003 season teams, drivers, and paint schemes. The new graphics attempt to bring tracks to life by showing detail like dirt, debris, oil buildup on the windshield, cloud shadows, and waving flags.

"We wanted to capture the true essence of the environment on and around the track," said Rich Yasi, design director at Papyrus Racing Games. "In keeping with our vision to create the most realistic and immersive driving experience, we have created dynamic environments and spectacular graphical enhancements that bring each track to life."

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