Sierra Announces Empire Earth

Age of Empires cocreator readying another epic real-time strategy.


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This morning, Sierra announced that it has picked up the publishing rights for Empire Earth, a real-time strategy game currently in development at Stainless Steel Studios. Stainless Steel was founded by Age of Empires cocreator Rick Goodman shortly after that game was released. Goodman has since been working on Empire Earth, another real-time strategy game of epic proportions.

"The scope of this game is very impressive - the best I've seen in this genre," said Jim Veevaert, VP of marketing for Sierra Studios. "We are thrilled to be working with Stainless Steel Studios to bring Empire Earth to market and know if anyone can accomplish this enormous task, the folks at Stainless Steel will."

Empire Earth's timeline begins with the dawn of man, soon after the discovery of fire, and ends several hundred years in the future. Beyond that, little else has been revealed about the game, but we've got the first images of some of the units and buildings. We'll be bringing you more coverage of this ambitious game soon.

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