Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter Hacked By Group Behind Pokemon Go Server Outage

OurMine says it will give Yoshida the account back when he contacts them.


Shuhei Yoshida, president of Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment, has been hacked on Twitter by a group called OurMine.

"Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security," reads the first Twitter message posted by the group. It later added, "You have been hacked by OurMine Team Visit our website to secure yourself."

In another Twitter update made on Yoshida's hijacked account, OurMine claimed it was not a hacking group.

"We are a security group, not a hacking group," it said. "We will give his account back immediately if he contact us."

OurMine indicates the takeover was intended to test the security of Yoshida's account. A number of the tweets contain links to their websites and an email address, which he can use to get in touch and supposedly reclaim control.

The group has been targeting the social media accounts of many high-profile executive recently. Among them are Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer and even Twitter's own chief executive, Jack Dorsey.

Before these, it claimed to have taken over Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account and the associated Vine profile. The source of the information being used for these hacks is reportedly a LinkedIn password dump.

OurMine also claimed responsibility for a recent Pokemon Go outage. An image of its website, where it confirms the Yoshida hack and the Pokemon Go disruption, can be found below

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At the time of writing, Yoshida has not regained control of his Twitter account.

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