Shudder Announces Scary Summer Movie Line-Up, Including George Romero's The Amusement Park

Romero's lost 1973 movie is one of 12 exclusive horror films hitting Shudder this summer.


Shudder has announced its summer line-up of original movies. AMC's horror service will deliver 12 streaming exclusive films throughout June, July, and August, and have branded the season "Summer of Chills."

One of the most anticipated movies is The Amusement Park, the "lost" film from zombie master George A. Romero. The film was commissioned by Lutheran Society in 1973 and has rarely been seen since then. It was recently rediscovered and restored in 4K and will hit Shudder on June 8.

There are four other movies arriving in June too. Caveat is a surreal cat-and-mouse thriller about a man who takes on a strange job for his landlord, while the aquatic Russian horror Superdeep pits a research team against some scary deep sea horror. There's also the supernatural drama An Unquiet Grave and darkly funny Vicious Fun, about a support group for serial killers.

July's releases include the psychodrama Son, in which a young boy is dramatically changed after a kidnap ordeal, the demonic shocker Kandisha from Inside directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, and The Call, which stars genre veterans Lin Shaye (Insidious) and Tobin Bell (Saw).

August's big release is the festival hit Jakob’s Wife, with genre icon Barbara Crampton as a frustrated housewife with a dark secret. That'll be joined by the werewolf movie Teddy and the psychological horror Bleed With Me.

Check out Shudder's full Summer of Chills line-up below:

  • Caveat – June 3
  • The Amusement Park – June 8
  • Superdeep – June 17
  • An Unquiet Grave – June 24.
  • Vicious Fun –June 29
  • Son – July 8
  • The Call – July 15
  • Kandisha – July 22
  • The Boy Behind the Door – July 29
  • Teddy – August 5
  • Bleed With Me – August 10
  • Jakob’s Wife – August 19
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