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Shrek for the Xbox will be released shortly after the feature film's DVD release. New screenshots included.


TDK Mediactive has announced that its upcoming Xbox game Shrek will ship shortly after the DVD release of the Dreamworks Pictures CG film it is based on. The DVD is scheduled to ship on November 2, and the game will be on store shelves just prior to the November 15 launch of the Xbox console. The game will be featured in the Xbox Odyssey, which is a mobile gaming experience that will bring a variety Xbox games to consumers in selected cities nationwide. The game is also included in the Xbox retail demo disc and brochure, and it is available for demo at a variety of retail kiosks. Additionally, hints and tips for the Xbox game will be included in all units of the DVD.

"People really respond to Shrek for the Xbox," said J Allard, general manager for Microsoft's Xbox games division. "Its humor, fast-paced, quirky gameplay, and cinema-like graphics make it one of the groundbreaking Xbox launch titles. Shrek is a great example of how the Xbox allows us to draw images at the same level of quality of feature films. This will completely change the way that people view video games."

On a related note, as announced recently, Todd McFarlane has designed three characters specifically for the Shrek game. The characters are Humpty Dumpty as a half-cracked egg, the menacing Dungeon Keeper, and the Ice Cream Queen's ice cream. GameSpot will have more on Shrek in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out several new shots of the McFarlane-designed characters from the game by clicking on the image above.

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