Shrapnel picks up The War Engine

The latest game from Boku will let players create and play custom wargames.


The War Engine

Shrapnel Games has announced that it will publish Boku Strategy Games' upcoming game, The War Engine. In addition to seven complete wargames, The War Engine will come with a complete wargame construction kit that will let players create and play custom strategy games by simply defining the rules and units involved.

The War Engine will come with seven prebuilt games to highlight the system's potential, including Armies of Armageddon, a squad-based strategy game set in a sci-fi world; Tour of Duty '44, a squad-based game set in Europe during World War II; The Northern Realm Saga, an epic fantasy wargame; Global Conflict: Total War, an operational wargame set during World War II; TRL, a wargame set in postapocalyptic America; Paintball!; and Warspace, a futuristic space combat game.

The War Engine is scheduled for release on September 26. For more information about the construction kit and the seven prebuilt games included in the package, visit the official Shrapnel Games Web site.

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