Shrapnel Hands-On

Part of Ripcord's impressive SegaNet/Dreamcast lineup at E3 was Shrapnel, a first-person shooter being developed by Zombie.


Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025

In the near future, terrorists are threatening some of the biggest cities in the US. As part of the M.O.U.T. special tactics unit, it's your job to take them out. Ripcord's Shrapnel was running on a PC at the E3 show, but a version is on its way to the Dreamcast. The game essentially has two modes of play: a single-player, mission-based mode and an online, "every man for himself" battle for up to eight players.

A very small section of one of the game's levels, in a nighttime setting, was playable at the E3 show. This urban area was cluttered with trash cans, elevators, and alleys. In terms of weapons, there wasn't much variety. Perhaps because the game was presented in a limited setting, the only weapons that were readily available were a straight machine gun and a short-range rocket launcher. Also, the only real power-up was an ammo recharge. According to a Ripcord representative, however, several new weapons and power-ups will be added to the finished product. In fact, according to the rep, most of the munitions in Shrapnel are based on real-life, experimental military artillery.

Naturally, being a traditional FPS, the game controlled extremely well on the PC platform it was running on at the show. Ripcord could not confirm the use of the Dreamcast mouse, but a combination of the keyboard and controller may be used. Shrapnel from Ripcord will be available for the Dreamcast in November 2000.

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