Shrapnel announces RuneSword II

The publisher will release Crosscut's next role-playing game in May.


Shrapnel Games has announced an agreement with Crosscut Games to publish the developer's next role-playing game, RuneSword II. The game will ship with two single-player campaigns, three mini-adventures, a full-featured construction set, and an automatic adventure generator. It will use a turn-based combat system, and it will be designed to appeal to fans of pen-and-paper role-playing games. Players will select from one of 13 playable races, and they can customize their characters with more than 35 different multilevel skills. The game's fantasy world will include a wide range of creatures, magic items, and dangerous traps.

RuneSword II is the sequel to RuneSword, Crosscut Games' popular shareware role-playing game. It is currently in beta testing, and it is expected to go gold at the end of April. The graphics engine is being revised, and Shrapnel plans to release screenshots from the game sometime next week. The publisher also plans to release a playable demo of the game later this month.

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