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Shovel Knight Sequel And Shovel Of Hope DX Are On The Way

Yacht Club Games announces Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX and reveals that a sequel is in the works.


Ten years ago this month, the retro side-scrolling action game Shovel Knight made its debut. To celebrate the anniversary, Yacht Club Games live-streamed an event that featured two big announcements. The first was a new definitive version of the game, Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX. And the second piece of news was confirmation that a Shovel Knight sequel is also in development.

Shovel of Hope DX is coming to Steam, and it features a number of enhancements that weren't present in the original Shovel Knight. To start, gamers can choose between 20 playable characters, from Shovel Knight and Shield Knight to their adversary, the Enchantress. Those aren't simply cosmetic changes, as each character has their own abilities and play styles. The game is also adding a rewind function, as well as 300 cheats that can be applied for a unique gameplay experience.

Additionally, Shovel of Hope DX will include Challenge Stages, Custom Knight, and the Battle Ghost Arena, as well full Stereoscopic 3D. Online and local multiplayer options are also supported.

As for the sequel, Sean Velasco, a designer for Yacht Club Games, said that it will feature "groundbreaking innovative gameplay mechanics," before adding that it will bring Shovel Knight "into an entirely new dimension of gaming." Velasco also hinted that clues have been left in previous Yacht Club Games titles that will shed some light on the Shovel Knight sequel.

Neither the Shovel Knight sequel nor Shovel of Hope DX have release dates yet. However, Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX can be added to your wishlist on Steam.

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