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Shovel Knight Dev Announces New Games

One of them is a roguelike puzzler, while others are currently unannounced.


Independent studio and Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games borrowed a page out of Nintendo's book by hosting a Direct-style presentation of its own, where the team made a bunch of announcements. Among them was a brand-new game, additional characters for upcoming titles, a release window for another game, and more. We've compiled a roundup of all the news that came out of the YCG Presents livestream below.

Shovel Knight Enters The Dungeon

One of the upcoming projects from YCG is the newly-announced Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. In a press release, YCG described the game as "an action-packed puzzle adventure mashup." In Pocket Dungeon, you guide the titular Shovel Knight as he makes his way through various environments. Every move you make causes the puzzle to shift. Bump into an enemy and you attack; run into an item and you pick it up.

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Pocket Dungeon also features local multiplayer, allowing you to go head-to-head against your friends. And in addition to a brand-new Shovel Knight experience, YCG has introduced a new character you will meet during the journey: Puzzle Knight. It's fitting since Pocket Dungeon is a roguelike puzzler. A release date or platforms have not been provided, but YCG is bringing a playable demo of Pocket Dungeon to PAX East.

Shadows Incoming This Fall

Yacht Club Games may be known as the Shovel Knight studio, but the team has made it explicitly clear that it also wants to branch into publishing. Enter Cyber Shadow, a 2D action-platformer we've known about for nearly a year now. At long last, YCG has provided a new look into the ninja game with a story trailer. And along with the story trailer, YCG has finally given a tentative release window. Cyber Shadow is expected to arrive sometime this fall for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also launch day-one as part of Xbox Game Pass and supports Shovel Knight Amiibo.

New Knights, New Games

In conjunction with the aforementioned Cyber Shadow and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, there are a few more things in the works at Yacht Club Games. The studio is still tinkering with Shovel Knight Dig, which will launch sometime next year for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. With development still underway, YCG announced that Dig will include a brand-new Hive Knight enemy that you will encounter throughout Dig.

In addition to Dig and Pocket Dungeon, YCG confirmed that multiple games are currently in development. The studio hasn't given any details about these projects, but they will be brand-new IP nonetheless. During the YCG Presents livestream, the team said that "if you love Shovel Knight, you'll surely be interested in these games as well. These brand new games are a ways off, but please begin to imagine what kinds of games will be crafted during 2020, the year of the rat."

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