Shogun 2: Total War Limited and Collector's Edition invading Asia

Ninjas, an additional historical battle, and a mini-representation of the legendary Takeda Shingen await gamers willing to spend a bit more on this strategy game.

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Fans of period timeline strategy games: Shogun 2: Total War is on the horizon. With that in mind, SEGA Europe Ltd. announced recently that the turn-based/real-time-strategy game will be available in three flavors in Asia: Standard, Limited, and Collector’s Edition.

While the Standard is self-explanatory, the Limited Edition gives strategy fans a new unique faction to play around with: the Hattori Clan. This faction excels in Iga-ryu ninjutsu, so expect to use hit-and-run tactics when using this clan in the game.

Other perks in the Limited Edition include an additional battle scenario based on The Battle of Nagashino where the Oda and Tokugawa clans team up against the Takeda clan in 1575, a complete set of armor to dress up gamers' online avatars that also gives them the bad omen retainer for their Shogun army, and a bit of extra experience points to spend for said online mode.

Gamers who are interested in the Collector's Edition will not only get the Limited Edition content, but also a nifty bamboo box containing a Shogun 2: Total War art book and a figurine of Takeda Shingen, a legendary daimyo in feudal Japan during the Sengoku period in Japanese history.

Shogun 2: Total War will be out in Asia on March 15 this year.

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