Shogo Goes Linux

A Linux port of Monolith's Shogo: MAD is expected this spring.


Monolith has announced that its 1998 giant robot shooter, Shogo: MAD, is currently being ported to the Linux platform. Hyperion Software will be doing the actual programming necessary to port over the game. Under the terms of its agreement with Monolith, Hyperion will also be porting over the LithTech and LithTech 2.0 3D engines to Linux, which would open up Linux development opportunities for a number of other games including Sanity and KISS Psycho Circus.

"Porting the LithTech 3D engine to Linux gives licensees and game players one more reason to choose LithTech technology and LithTech-based games" said Monolith CEO Jason Hall. "Our latest agreement with Hyperion continues our quest to provide the highest quality, most versatile 3D engine in the market."

Shogo: MAD for Linux is expected to hit the stands towards the end of spring 2000.

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