Shivering Isles theme leads XBL content

Theme, picture pack, trailer for Oblivion expansion now on Marketplace; free <i>Eragon</i>, <i>The Reaping</i> themes available.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles expansion may not be out until later this month, but gamers can still customize their Xbox 360s with Shivering Isles items now.

The first expansion to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is represented on Xbox Live Marketplace in three ways this week. First up is a free trailer for the expansion, weighing in at 80MB. For those Elder Scrolls fans with a few spare Microsoft points, there's also a picture pack and dashboard theme, priced at 80 ($1) and 150 ($1.87) Microsoft points, respectively.

Gamers who don't mind advertising for a film in exchange for a fresh new look for their dashboards have two new options on Marketplace. A free theme celebrating the DVD release of Eragon, which was the basis of a Vivendi Games multiplatform title, is now available. A dashboard theme for the upcoming Hilary Swank vehicle, The Reaping, is also available for free.

Also fresh to Marketplace are a free trailer for Earth Defense Force 2017, a humorous theme featuring rejected wrestlers from Nick Busby (150 Microsoft points, $1.87), and a St. Patrick's Day picture pack (80 points, $1).

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