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Shippin' Out September 4-10: Resistance 3

PS3 has a big week with Insomniac's alt-history shooter, Disgaea 4, Uncharted Dual Pack; Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Driver: San Francisco, Dead Island, Star Fox 3DS also out.


One look at the release lineup for the first full week of September, and it's clear that the holiday release ramp-up has begun.

Alien or no, it's hard to argue with a left hook across the jaw.
Alien or no, it's hard to argue with a left hook across the jaw.

PlayStation 3 gamers have, arguably, the most to look forward to this week. First and foremost of these releases for many will be Resistance 3, from Insomniac Games. The final chapter in Insomniac's Resistance trilogy, Resistance 3 is set in an alternate reality during the year 1957, after the US is overrun by a hostile alien race called the Chimera. It will follow ex-soldier Joseph Capelli, who is hiding out from the Chimera with his family and several other survivors.

Besides offering 3D and PlayStation Move support, the game will boast several multiplayer modes for up to 16 people. It is also being offered as a preorder bonus for those interested in Sony's new 3D-enabled monitor, due out in November.

Also exclusive to the PS3 is Disgaea 4. The game incorporates a graphical overhaul over the previous flagship installment in NIS's quirky turn-based tactics role-playing series. And while the studio has also revamped the battle systems, characters like "Dark Hero" Axel and the penguin-like servants Prinnies will be returning, as will many familiar character and enemy types.

Leading up to the release of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception in November, the week also sees the release of the Uncharted Dual Pack, which includes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Beyond the pair of PS3 games, the pack also includes a voucher for a host of Uncharted downloadable content, including all the add-ons from Uncharted 2's Game of the Year edition and a dynamic theme and avatar for Uncharted 3.

Xbox 360 and PC gamers also have a number of multiplatform titles to look forward to. THQ's Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine arrives this week on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game casts players as Captain Titus of the Ultramarine chapter of the Space Marines, one of humanity's last hopes in an intergalactic war against the sinister Orks. Players are charged with defending an Imperial Forge World from the Orkish invasion, a task made more complicated when the forces of Chaos make their presence known.

Deep Silver's Dead Island also hopes to live up to its industry-catching trailer from earlier this year. Set on a secluded resort, Dead Island tells the story of everyday civilians caught up in a zombie apocalypse. Gamers can choose from four character classes, which break down into the leader, the tank, the jack-of-all-trades, and the assassin archetypes. It will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The week also marks the return of the Driver franchise, which has been stuck in park since 2007. Ubisoft's Driver: San Francisco is a throwback to previous installments in the franchise, featuring a matchup between original protagonist John Tanner and Driver 2 antagonist Charles Jericho. In terms of plot, Tanner, a hard-boiled detective behind the wheel of a 1970s-era Shelby GT500, is on the hunt for Jericho, and the two engage in vehicular duels on the streets of the titular hilly California city. The twist? Tanner is in a coma, meaning all of the action plays out in his head.

Nintendo will finally be providing 3DS owners with one more reason to purchase the struggling system this week with the release of Star Fox 64 3D. More than just a straight port of the original, Star Fox 64 3D adds a number of features, including the ability to control the game's Arwing spacecraft using the 3DS's tilt-sensitive gyroscopic feature. The game also includes rerecorded voice work, and new power-ups for the multiplayer mode.

Along with the arrival of Star Fox 64 3D, Nintendo will begin offering the 3DS in a Flame Red color. Like the Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue versions of the hardware currently on shelves, the Flame Red unit will sell for $170.

For further details on the week's games, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

BloodRayne: Betrayal--PS3--Majesco
Casino Chaos--PC--THQ
Challenge Me World Puzzles--DS--O-Games
Dead Island--X360, PS3, PC--Deep Silver
Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten--PS3--NIS America
Driver: Renegade--3DS--Ubisoft
Driver: San Francisco--X360, PS3, WII--Ubisoft
Get Fit With Mel B--WII--Deep Silver
The Impossible Game--PS3, PSP--Grip Games
Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns--X360, PS3, WII DS--THQ
Resistance 3--PS3--SCEA
Rise of Nightmares--X360--Sega
Rugby World Cup 2011--PS3--505 Games
thinkSmart: Chess for Kids--DS--Mentor Interactive
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters--PC--Electronic Arts
Uncharted Dual Pack--PS3--Sony
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine--X360, PS3, PC--THQ

ATV X-Treme World Challenge--DS--Maximum Family Games
Chess Attack--DS--Mentor Interactive
Crimson Alliance--X360--Certain Affinity
Rock of Ages--PC--Atlus
Skydrift--X360, PS3--Digital Reality

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars--PC--bitComposer Games
Skillz: The DJ Game--IP--Playpen Studios

Flame Red Nintendo 3DS hardware
Star Fox 64 3D--3DS--Nintendo

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