Shippin' Out September 3-7: Stranglehold, MOH: Airborne

John Woo's gangster epic locks and loads; EA's WWII shooter takes the plunge; spate of downloadable classics invade the Wii and Xbox 360.


Gamers hoping to catch a breath of air after reemerging from the depths of Rapture have a Stranglehold to look forward to this week. In collaboration with film auteur John Woo, Midway's Stranglehold is the continuation of the cult Hong Kong gangster epic Hard-Boiled. Initially scheduling the game to ship last week, Midway capped off the game's oft-delayed history with one last dally, bumping the Xbox 360 game to this week and the PC and PlayStation 3 versions to later this month. Rated M for Mature, the game retails for $59.99. A collector's edition that includes a behind-the-scenes documentary on the game and extended cutscenes is also available for $69.95. A demo for the game is currently available on Xbox Live.

Sharing the limelight with Stranglehold this week is EA's Medal of Honor: Airborne for the Xbox 360 and PC. The latest installment in the long-running series attempts to remove the scripted scenarios of similar WWII shooters by giving players free rein in free-roaming battlefields. Medal of Honor: Airborne is rated T for Teen and will retail on the Xbox 360 for $59.99 and on the PC for $49.99. A PS3 version is slated to release in November. The first level of the game is available in demo form on Xbox Live and GameSpot.

Aside from MOH: Airbone, this Tuesday is shaping up to be a busy release day. Highlights of the day include Worms finding pay dirt on the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable in Open Warfare 2 for $29.99, EA unleashing its latest Sims 2 expansion, Bon Voyage, on PCs for $29.99, and Naruto kicking folks in the face in Uzumaki Chronicles 2 on the PlayStation 2 for $39.99.

Diverging from its typical sure and steady self, the Wii's Virtual Console has not three but four new offerings this week. Both originally appearing on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Hudson's side-scrolling platformer Adventure Island and Nintendo's edutainment spin on Donkey Kong Jr. Math are available for 500 Wii points ($5). Climax Entertainment's Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole is also available this week for 800 Wii points ($8), as is Red Company's TurboGrafx-16 classic Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure for 600 Wii points ($6).

The Xbox 360 will see two classics added to its library this week. Midway's football-from-the future Cyberball 2072 joins SNK's classic beat-'em-up Fatal Fury Special on Microsoft's downloadable game service. Both games can be bought for 400 Microsoft points ($5).

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer information--actual dates may vary).

Seven Kingdoms: Conquest (PC)
Panzer Killer (PC)
Hearts of Iron Anthology (PC)
Adventure Island (Wii)
Donkey Kong Jr. Math (Wii)
LandStalker: The Treasures of King Nole (Wii)
Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure (Wii)

Medal of Honor: Airborne (X360, PC)
Garfield's Nightmare (DS)
EyeToy: Play 3 (PS2)
The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (PC)
Pool Party (Wii)
Legends of Norrath: Oathbound (PC)
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 (PS2)
Worms: Open Warfare 2 (DS, PSP)
Anacapri - The Dream (PC)
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (PC)

Stranglehold (X360)
Fatal Fury Special (X360)
Cyberball 2072 (X360)

Crazy Frog Racer (PS2)

Mayhem Intergalactic (PC)

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Avatar image for hooperfax006

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for lowkey254

i haven't heard about worms in like 10 years

Avatar image for Zergvasion89

I seem to be the only one excited about Worms... O well

Avatar image for 8bitnemesis

It's about time that a "new" Fatal Fury came out

Avatar image for jakeboudville

Gonna pick up Airborne and Sims expack for my sis:P

Avatar image for azizrulez

finally stranglehold goes golden,ive been waiting ages for this game,also MOHA looks to be really promising,apart from SKATE its the only EA developed game im looking forward to

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

I'll have to check this out.

Avatar image for Shinedown220

From now til the end of the year we should have good releases on an weekly basis.

Avatar image for aznfool07

This week doesn't seem too exciting.

Avatar image for dreamcastdre

Yeah, the MoH: Airborne demo on XBLM was great. I can't wait for my copy to get delivered.

Avatar image for MichaeltheCM

alright! Stranglehold

Avatar image for BoogieManZero

I really enjoyed the Medal of Honor demo. I loved Frontline, hated Rising Sun, European Assualt was okay, from what I played Airborne seems really good. I was actually considering just buying it, instead of renting it.

Avatar image for clawboy

Can't wait for Stranglehold to make it's Ps3 debut.

Avatar image for aygol

Stranglehold was so short. I finished it in one afternoon. But it was a good game. If you like Max Payne or Matrix, then play Stranglehold. It's awesome.

Avatar image for BioShockOwnz

Stranglehold is an absolute blast to play. Everyone should play it.

Avatar image for _NeoN

Awesome to see the PS2 get Naruto Chronicles 2 - I'm still not ready to see the PS2 receive it's last title. On the PC front, Seven Kingdoms has me uber interested. With a few titles I haven't even heard of before reading thru this week's list, all in all I reckon it's a good week for gamers. Plenty of variety IMO.

Avatar image for _NeoN

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

What a lousy week. Donkey Kong Junior Math for VC? Is there demand for this garbage? And, I'm sorry, but Stranglehold is all hype. Repetitive as all hell and looks like a PS2 game. Speaking of which, do they even release PS3 games anymore? Apart from Lair, what else has come out recently?

Avatar image for gmayronne

im entranced by those t*tties

Avatar image for EmptySki

woot no ps3 games, how amazing....

Avatar image for gmayronne

screw stranglehold and medal of honor. having played both demos i can already tell that stranglehold will get old FAAAST, medal of honor needs to be tweaked in teh "aiming" department because i cant tell you how many times i lined up the PERFECT head shot only to miss, what a crock of s**t. that sucks, i was looking forward to medal of honor.

Avatar image for Delbert84

Handheld games are so lame...

Avatar image for HK-47-M4

Only things I would consider noteworthy on this list would be Stranglehold or Medal of Honor Airborne. I don't own a 360, but if I did I would probably only rent Stranglehold while wating for Halo 3. I'd skip on MoHA.

Avatar image for nintendog66

"And to the genius who thinks MOH Heroes 2 on the Wii will be better then MOH Airborne on the 360/PS3/PC, your a complete fool. Yea, I really wanna play a game made on the PSP on the Wii, that looks pretty awful, plays pretty awful, and has no voice chat. /sarcasm" You almost hit the nail mate, Yes I AM a genius but no... the game is made VERY different than the PSP version, it has graphics compared to Metroid prime 3(which are good and if you say they aren't then you're a diehard fanboy), plays wonderfully thanks to the Wii mote and tomorrow Nintendo is gonna announce a headset for online matches in MoH and Brawl.

Avatar image for Wanderer5

I probably won't get it now, but hopefully I will get Airbrone this year.

Avatar image for coolguy681

MOH doesnt stand up to Call of Duty.

Avatar image for gmrndlze


Avatar image for ganon546

Donkey Kong Jr. Math>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BioShock, Super Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid 4

Avatar image for lamprey263

Lair isn't on here because Lair was already released, even though it was scheduled for Sept 4, it was released last week; but a word of advice, lots of people have been saying its terrible, and it's not just Wii60 fanboys, but PS3 owners who bought it, not to mention lots of reputable critics. So if you're sad Lair didn't make this list, maybe you'll be more sad when you play it.

Avatar image for Pepperpop10

Stranglehold!! Whoo! Looks like fun, but what can compete with Crazy Frog Racer for PS2! Not to mention Donkey Kong Jr Math! Lol.

Avatar image for ctg867

Only things worth nothing are Stranglehold and Airborne. I've played the European PSP demo for Worms, it's awful. Naruto = major phail, if your over 13 and you're into Naruto, get a life. And everything, yes EVERYTHING, on the VC and XBLA is crap, nothing worth buying. So yea, two good games, that I wish I had the money to get around launch, but can't, too bad. Saving up for something. *cough halo 3 cough* Sorry, but Halo 3 is gonna sell more then anything else this holiday, and looks loads better then anything else coming this year. And to the genius who thinks MOH Heroes 2 on the Wii will be better then MOH Airborne on the 360/PS3/PC, your a complete fool. Yea, I really wanna play a game made on the PSP on the Wii, that looks pretty awful, plays pretty awful, and has no voice chat. /sarcasm

Avatar image for nintendog66

So Medal of honor: Airborne with 4 online players(xbox) vs Medal of honor: heroes 2 with 32 online(wii).... Wii>>>>>>>>Xbox BIG TIME

Avatar image for aRcad33

2 good EA 360 releases this week ___ MoH and SKATE

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

"Donkey Kong Jr. Math" Of all the games.....

Avatar image for edflam311

I beat stranglehold today lol.

Avatar image for joeyfine

Donkey Kong math?????? who in the world will buy that!?!?!?

Avatar image for chewygun

not a big fan of MOH but it seems different, could be the reason i give it a try

Avatar image for rdo

nothing for the ps3? lair has to last another week?

Avatar image for comthitnuong

MOH and Stranglehold in the same week? I think that is more than I can handle.

Avatar image for playstation_wii

The virtual console is starting to lose big games. They started off really strong.

Avatar image for trj156

pffft medal of honor airborne is a horrible game

Avatar image for mcxps3

Lair is also being released everywhere today even though most stores had it last week. i bought and i love it i can play it on my psp and the new firmware is said to have made the controls more responsive i still wish the game was longer though.

Avatar image for tonka_92

Erm.... Eye Toy: Play 3 has been out since like last year hasnt it?

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Avatar image for ashuncc2

I wasn't that big into the Stranglehold demo, but I think I will give it a run through with gamefly. I'm interested to see how MoH:Airborne turned out.

Avatar image for SentientGames

Crysis, Blacksite, Army of Two, Oranage Box, and Call of Duty 4 all look waaaaay more interesting then Halo 3.

Avatar image for pidow

I am ready to get started, bring them on!.....

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and The Office (season 3) and Prison Break (season 2) also come out today :D

Avatar image for shawn7324

Not all of us are waiting for Halo 3.

Avatar image for Sandro909

It all pales in comparison to Crysis in November! :D

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