Shippin' Out Sept. 27-Oct. 3: PSP Go, Gran Turismo PSP, Dead Space Extraction

New handheld joins portable racer, Wii horror survivor, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga, Fallout 3 PS3 DLC, MySims Agents, and Beaterator.


In May 2004, Sony and Polyphony Digital announced that they were developing a PSP version of Gran Turismo. More than five years later, the 60fps-graphics game is finally coming out in North America, both solo and in a $200 bundle with a silver PSP-3000, a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and vouchers for a downloadable movie and in-game Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

Curiously, the Gran Turismo PSP bundle won't go on sale until October 20, 19 days after the launches of the game itself and the PSP Go. Priced at $249.99--the same price as the original PSP when it went on sale in 2005--the new handheld will feature 16GB of flash memory and a screen that slides over the controls. It will have a 3.8-inch screen--versus the PSP-3000's 4.3-inch screen--and will be 43 percent lighter than the original, but it will not have a UMD drive. Despite promises of a "solution" by Sony, current North American PSP owners will not get free digital copies of their UMDs to play on the PSP Go. (UK PSP owners will be able to download three games from a restricted list.) For a closer look at the PSP Go, check out GameSpot's unboxing of the portable below.

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Wii-wagglers will get a bit of a fright this week in the form of Dead Space Extraction. The Wii-exclusive prequel chronicles the viscera-spattered tragedy that led to the otherworldly carnage of last year's critically acclaimed horror-survival game Dead Space. The game also trades in the over-the-shoulder third-person point of view for a first-person shooter scheme, which sees players blast foes with the Wii Remote, House of the Dead: Overkill-style.

PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to step into the split-toe tabi of Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The reworked version of Ninja Gaiden II will feature less violence than its dismembering, decapitating Xbox 360 sibling, released last year to good reviews. However, it will add femme fatales imported from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series and an upgraded graphics engine. The M for Mature-rated game will come a la carte or via a $70 Collector's Edition bundled with an 80-page book with three parts: a strategy guide, a section with "vibrant Ninja Gaiden art," and a comic book that matches the storyline.

Rounding out the week's releases are Rockstar Games' Beaterator for the PSP, which also will get Sony's racer MotorStorm Arctic Edge. Electronic Arts looses its latest Sims creation, the cuddly espionage-themed MySims Agents, onto the Wii and DS, the latter of which will also receive Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Speaking of the Wii, Xseed gives Nintendo's console some exclusive action RPG business in the form of Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga. And last but definitely not least for PS3 owners, Bethesda Softworks releases two of its formerly Xbox 360- and PC-exclusive expansion packs for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage and The Pitt. The Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition--which has all five expansions--ships October 13 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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For further details on the week's games, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and the Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
No new releases scheduled.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2009
Baseball Blast / WII / Sports / 2K Sports
Bass Pro Shops: The Strike / PC, Wii, X360 / Sports / XS Games
Battle of Giants - Dragons / DS / Adventure / Ubisoft
Beaterator / IP, PSP / Puzzle / Rockstar Games
Black College Football Experience - The Doug Williams Edition / X360 / Sports / Aspyr
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 / PS3, WII, X360 / Sports
Dead Space Extraction / WII / Action / Electronic Arts
Deca Sports 2 / WII / Sports / Hudson
Dream Dancer / DS / Simulation / Zoo Games
Fabulous Finds / DS / Puzzle / THQ
Family Feud / DS, PC, Wii / Puzzle / Ubisoft
Family Fun Football / WII / Sports / Tecmo
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic / DS / Adventure / Activision Value
Imagine Salon Stylist / DS / Simulation / Ubisoft
Just in Time Translation / DS / Simulation / THQ
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days / DS / Role-Playing / Square Enix
MotorStorm Arctic Edge / PSP / Driving / SCEA
MySims Agents / DS, WII / Puzzle / Electronic Arts
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / PS3 / Action / Tecmo
Obscure: The Aftermath / PSP / Adventure / Ignition Entertainment
Rapala: We Fish / WII / Sports / Activision
Red War: Edem's Curse / PC / Action / Uforia
Sideswiped / DS / Driving / Majesco Games
Smart Boys Game Room 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Girls Playhouse 2 / DS / Puzzle / Tommo
Smart Kids: Mega Game Mix / DS / Action / UFO Interactive
Tornado Outbreak / PS3, WII, X360 / Action / Konami
Undead Knights / PSP / Action / Tecmo
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga / WII / Role-Playing / Xseed Games
The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road / DS / Role-Playing / Xseed Games

SEPTEMBER 30, 2009
.detuned / PS3 / Puzzle / SCEA
Axel & Pixel / X360 / Adventure / 2K Play
Backbreaker Football: Tackle Alley / IP / Sports / NaturalMotion
Boom Brigade / IP / Action / 10tons Entertainment
Critter Crunch / PS3 / Puzzle / Capybara Games

OCTOBER 1, 2009
Dreamer: Top Model / DS / Action / Dreamcatcher
Driift / WII / Driving / Konami
Elven Legacy: Ranger / PC / Strategy / Paradox Interactive
Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Fallout 3: The Pitt / PS3 / Role-Playing / Bethesda Softworks
Gran Turismo / PSP / Driving / SCEA
Kissing Frenzy / IP / Simulation / Tequila
Medieval Games / WII / Action / Vir2L Studios
Party Crashers / WII / Puzzle / Detn8
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe / PSP / SCEA
Shutter Island / PC / Adventure / Merscom LLC
Theatre of War II: Centauro / PC / Strategy /

OCTOBER 2, 2009
Risen / PC / Role-Playing / Deep Silver
Rock Blast / WII / Puzzle / UFO Interactive

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Nobody cares, your stories are weaaaaak, get better content or SHUT UPPPPPPPPPP

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In all seriousness, Sony is wasting money with there lastest gaming hardware. Cheap ps3 has cut corners (no linux, no 1080p unless you have a sony bravio tv, etc etc). Psp go is to expensive, all psp 1000-3000 owners would have to rebuy any games they own to play on system, and very small controls. Lets not include sony lied about the "good will program". I don't know what sony is doing right now but they will need to get the hardware act together. Luckily they have some amazing titles this year.

Avatar image for Wanderer5

Since I am a big Kingdom Hearts fan, I will definitely be getting 358/2 Days.:D

Avatar image for angelGP32

@xYamatox: typically I would agree with that, but not in this day and age. How many people bought the original DS, then a Lite, then a DSI? a lot, how many people bought more than 1 GBA? Alot, how many people bought a Gameboy, then a gameboy pocket or gameboy color? A lot, so repeat business IS something you have to aim at, and this system is by no means an upgrade? So you alienate, or drive away a potential, what is it, 50 million current PSP users, Sony want's those users to upgrade, and yet this is what they give us??? Their business is going to come from new users, and at $250, how many new users are there going to be??? C'mon it's common sense.

Avatar image for fatpumba3

PSP Go is EPIC FAIL just buy a NDS lite. Funner games and cheaper. EVERYONE BOYCOTT THE PSP GO!

Avatar image for syconox

I think the Go looks awesome. I do not have a psp and have been meaning to get one for a while now. I love the new look, the 16gb flash drive, the ability to watch movies with the screen down, the game-save feature, and the smaller form. I have internet everywhere I go (my home, school, friends and families homes). And not having to go to the mall to buy games seems ideal to me.

Avatar image for mattoz77

Psp Go + No Umd Solution = FAIL

Avatar image for lamprey263

I'm kind of iffy about Dead Space Extraction, but I might as well get it since I haven't really given my Wii any love since Mad World.

Avatar image for AngelCage-2

Artic Edge and GTPSP on the same month... sony is killing their own game :-/ i'm having hard time trying to figure out wich of them i get first... maybe artic edge, cause if i start playing a GT game, i will not let it go in 6-10 months. Period.

Avatar image for unknownman25

@thrasher510 sorry I miss worded that a bit the PSP Go isn't so much stealing your money as having to re-buy all the games you already own is. Again the word steal may not have been the best choice but you get the point.

Avatar image for xYamatox

I love how everyone is complaining about the PSP Go, when they already have a PSP in the first place. You think Sony releasing a Go is a bad idea, re-buying a PSP when you have a perfectly good one is just plain moronic. Honestly, the only difference between the two is that one uses digital downloads only and slides up, and the other uses UMD's/downloads. THAT'S IT! If you already have a PSP, just stick with it, and keep buying UMD's. If you are sick of UMD's, get a better memory card, and download new games onto it (works just like a Go). All the hate on the Go is almost childish, and it is very unnecessary.

Avatar image for angelGP32

i wonder if Sony realizes that not everybody has the internet..SHOCK HORROR. let's calm down people and give it a month or two. Then we can all pick up Go's at $99 close out price at Big Lots

Avatar image for tonicmole

@tok 1879 It is pretty sweet to be able to watch your videos and play PS 1 games but Remote play sucks in comparison to what it should do, and this was their chance to really make it do more. If they would have added another analog stick where they put the start select buttons and then put in six-axis, they would be about set to play not only better PSP games ,but streamed PS 3 games. I mean, the PSP Go is $250! Sony made alot of promises ,but are too busy trying to steal customers from the 360 and Wii that they forgot about their own fan base. Instead of a waggle controller that no one asked for and a UMD-less PSP that once again, NO ONE ASKED FOR, how bout they enable the PSP to stream GTA 4. With the right button layout it could, but Sony refuses because it's not some one else's idea. Waggle controller, check! Useless PSP Go check! Customers, nope.

Avatar image for Garudyne

WOW Sony. u have dissapointed me again. I have a PSP-Phat that i love. Then Sony came with PSP Slim..... After that, PSP 3000...... NOW PSP GO. Sony doesnt give a damn about already released consoles. They just want make money. This time, im gonna wait for PSP STOP

Avatar image for gnbfd

*looks at list* well there's nothing this wee... HOLY **** KINGDOM HEARTS!

Avatar image for Fallen119

Psp go for me this week =D

Avatar image for thrasher510

unknownman25 If you ever looked at sony's video conferences you will know which group of people they are trying to target. as for me i dont have a psp, i dont have any umds so i dont think they are stealing your money (its not stealing your money if you buy the product).

Avatar image for gohoanq

Damn i Want the PSP-go badly... but that's because i like the way it's made and the fact that i STILL have a PSP from launch here in the U.s..... It's a P.o.s. now o.o still works but its so damn old lol. IF i ever get extra money I'll get it for sure.

Avatar image for unknownman25

Don't support things like the PSP Go that are just trying to steal your money.

Avatar image for angelGP32

it's an expectation with Wii games I think. As a gamer, what are your expectations for a Wii game? Probably not that high. So a good game on the Wii may be crap on the 360. Jericho on the 360 got some bad reviews, but hell if that's what is considered bad on the 360, I'll take that every day of the week. I got it for $10 and loving it. Then there's Wii bad. It's a completely different class. It's hard to compare the systems on an opinion of bad vs good. Like I said, if games like Jericho are considered bad 360 games, I'll take that all day long.

Avatar image for Rottenwood

@kevin8se7en Going by the Metacritic scores, that means, what, the Wii has (to date) 250 games of good-or-better quality? How many more do you need, exactly? Unless someone inexplicably has the money, time, and inclination to play 500 games a year, doing these bulk score metrics isn't very reliable. For the dedicated gamer, the only titles that matter are the more-or-less undisputed classics, and the games that interest you personally. (And scores for the latter mean nothing - I'm sure Culdcept Saga got middling reviews, but it's my most-played 360 game.) Games aren't played in bulk, and I'll gladly stack up the Wii's best to any other platform. I'll grant you that the elite games on the Wii aren't what people generally look for in a 'AAA' game. Mario and Zelda still bear the 'kiddie' stigma given to them by insecure teens, for example. And titles like Muramasa, No More Heroes, and Little King's Story are so unique that it's hard to gauge them against their competition. I'd vote No More Heroes as the best action game of this generation so far; to someone else, it's a weird acid flashback. That's why they make chocolate AND vanilla; some people like crappy ice cream. To me, the truly great games match great gameplay with creative concepts and their own distinct personality. I think the Wii's library has done the best in that regard so far. Just one man's opinion.

Avatar image for monson21502

i guess halo 3 odst didnt sell to good. i didnt see any sales news story on it last. week like theo do for other big games

Avatar image for solidwarrior2

Here we go again with Sony's over-priced products, sure somtimes its woth it but sometimes it's not.

Avatar image for th3chos3non3

good is a subjective perspective folks. just because YOU don't like something, doesn't make it bad. and just because YOU DO like something does not automatically make it good. objectivity is a hard lesson many never learn.

Avatar image for necronaux

PSP-Go $250? No.

Avatar image for izmickey

@Rottenwood Plenty of good games on the wii? Hmmm......i dont know about that dude. Some yes, but plenty?

Avatar image for kevin8se7en

@Rottenwood The Wii may have a few good games but to say "The Wii has plenty of good games" is stretching it a little too far. The Wii has easily the worst game library out of the 3 consoles. Metacritic scores: Games 90/100 or better: 360: 23 PS3: 15 Wii: 11 Games 80/100 or better: 360: 167 PS3: 124 Wii: 63 Games 70/100 or better: 360: 371 PS3: 244 Wii: 171 Games 50/100 or better: 360: 636 Wii: 394 PS3: 381

Avatar image for Rottenwood

@Waiting_4_U The Wii has plenty of good games, that span all ages. Muramasa and Little King's Story certainly have a colorful presentation, but their rock-solid gameplay and unique style can easily be appreciated by a veteran gamer who admires the art form. Galaxy and Twilight are as good as Mario and Zelda have ever been. I could beat the horse yet again (No More Heroes, Corruption, Okami, etc.) but there's little point. Some people have arbitrarily decided that the Wii has no gamer's games on it, and no mere factors like logic or evidence will persuade them otherwise. They've reached a conclusion and will ignore all data to the contrary. Here's an idea: start buying the core games for the Wii that exist, and companies will be inclined to make more.

Avatar image for bigart6662000

aww! waiting_4_u dont cry little boy the wii wasnt made for you!! maybe they will make a grown up still a kid console with adult kid games for you okay... dont soak your adult pampers!! i bet your wife is really proud of her husband!! play the xbox360 there were made for men!!

Avatar image for kevin8se7en

If Apple made an Ipod that's not compatible with all the songs you already own, would that be a good idea? no... then how is the PSP GO a good idea? If you don't have a PSP then the Go is OK but most who don't have a PSP either don't want one of think it's too expensive so the GO being $70 MORE than the 3000 is going to drive even more buyers away. For those who own a PSP, it's value has went down a lot so it's harder to sell now and none of you accesories or games/movies will work... PSP GO = FAIL

Avatar image for angelGP32

@ Waiting_4_U: I will ask you this, you are only 4 years old than me. But think back. I agree 100% but think back, the games you played as a many were really 1st party titles and not games from like Capcom and Konami?? Think, other than Mario and Zelda, Metroid, how many were actually made by Nintendo? I bet the number is actually very small, because Nintendo NEVER was really into anything but kiddy games. I would bet the majority were 3rd party releases. So you can't really blame Nintendo for the Wii line up for the lack of solid 3rd party titles like the previous systems had.

Avatar image for Yuck_Too

@Waiting_4_U I think the issue you are having has more do to with the fact that Nintendo has not changed in the last 20-years...but you have. And while there are not as many games on the Wii as I would like fact is there are pleanty across the board such as: Dead Space Extraction Metroid Prime Trilogy Super Mario Galaxy Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess World of Goo Super Smash Bros. Brawl Rock Band 2 Resident Evil 4 Little King's Story Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (argh...I hate the auto formatting in here)

Avatar image for kamizuka

Did any one even read my last comment?! the Psp go is not mainly a gaming system it is a new semi-Ipod Sony made that can play the old psp games

Avatar image for Waiting_4_U

@ Yuck_Too The Wii doesn't have any games. I'm 34 and I have been playing Nintendo since the original NES in the 80's, and every console they made since then, and the Wii has the worst collection of games by Nintendo. Other than Virtual Console, the Wii has nothing to offer older gamers. I don't want to play Pokemon and crap like that. All my wife and I ever played was Wii Bowling, and I played Zelda. That's why I sold my Wii 6 months ago. It sat gathering dust for over a year, I kept waiting for Nintendo to come out with something that would appeal to me, and it never happened. It was always games for kids. Nintendo has forgotten about the people that were original gamers of their systems, the loyal fans of theirs since day 1, so I won't be buying anything from Nintendo ever again.

Avatar image for dethtrain

Seems like a waste to buy the PSP Go unless you don't have one to begin with. If you want to play your old games you still have to carry around your old PSP and the discs. You're better off getting a bigger memory card.

Avatar image for Yuck_Too

@Rottenwood I totally agree...considering the people constantly whining "The Wii has no games" a title like Little Kings Story does not do better than it did is beyond me.

Avatar image for paleogamer

Why can't people get it? psp go is for people who dont want lugging around umds. It is not for people who already have psp and don't mind umds. Come on! Not so long age i remember people always complaining about having to drag around umds and wishing for it to go digital.

Avatar image for bleat

@cjasko94: Good luck stuffing the Elite into your bag and playing it on the train... it's not even an apples to apples comparison.. at least you could have talked about the price of the DS instead or something.. I'm actually, not having had a PSP previously, looking forward to having a self contained unit I don't need to bring anything else around with me, or hack it.. Smaller.. check.. don't need discs .. check... If you already had a PSP, by all means keep it. I don't understand all the current PSP owners feeling slighted.. keep your PSP. Sony isn't forcing you to upgrade. I'd rather have the Go personally.

Avatar image for JtAgentX

I am planning on getting a used PSP-2000 with a 16GB memory stick. I also ordered the pandora's battery for the 2000 series which all came up to 239.99. Theres your PSP GO. I suggest this to anybody looking for a good deal on a PSP.

Avatar image for Rottenwood

XSeed sure has been pumping out the Wii games lately. I don't know a thing about Valhalla Knights, but the people behind Little King's Story certainly deserve the benefit of the doubt. If history has taught us anything, like Little King's Story, it will be an excellent game for the 'core' audience, yet nobody will buy it, because people are too busy complaining on-line about how the Wii doesn't have any core games.

Avatar image for The_Waffler14

Oh my god... look at his hands while playing MotorStorm. I would hate playing like that for hours. I think I will stick with my original psp and psp 2000.

Avatar image for enoslives7

The GO has a nice design, but it is too expensive. At 199.00, it would sell alot more units.

Avatar image for Maverickx25

Bit of an epic fail for not being able to convert already owned UMD to data, but whatev. They'll probably release them later on. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is kind of a letdown as well. Having played the original, I do miss all the gore. It made me happy. :)

Avatar image for miq22pac

i am going to have to buy a psp go cos i have abt ten dlc games i bought when owned the 3000 (had to sell it cos at 1 point my umd,s were competing with my course work n the games always won, never knew why n changing games on the train with abt 15 umd,s to choose from was a nightmare, 1. the old people thought u were the crazy person n 2. flirting with the occasional hot girl sat opposite you was wierd with 2 piles of umd boxes in front of you, none of it having the correct umd in it)i av forgotten what i was gonna say cos i'm using the ps3 to type this. anyway i think i am the only 1 who will buy this cos sony i dont think know anything abt sellingn too bad they are not doing the umd conversion, i still have socom ftb2 i would have loved to play. A thought just popped into my head, how abt i buy the 3000 n buy a big a** pro duo card, what is it 32 gigs? which will abt 40quid? so 150 plus abt 40 less than 200. (sorry sony ahh you kinda just lost 1 of the very few who were goin to buy the go) Cant wait for motorstorm n socom 3, from psn of course.

Avatar image for angelGP32

@wolf0: same, of all the postings, of all the news story. I can't recall seeing one single post of someone saying that they were going to "upgrade" their old PSP to PSP GO, because it just doesn't make sense to do so, especially now. hell, it doesn't make sense to buy one even if you DON'T have a PSP already, lol I can get a used PS3 for this amount and you know what, I just may do so, and get a cheap 25 -32" lcd tv for my bedroom.

Avatar image for shaggydellic

I know I'm getting the PSP Go because it's totally going to be worth its price, and who needs my old UMDs anyway- I mean I only spent my money on them. Oh, and my current PSP works just fine but I've just got to have it since it's new. My God, how stupid do you have to be to introduce something as useless as that, at that friggin' price. I just feel sorry for the poor kid who's parents get him it as a gift, and realizes he can't even play his games on it.

Avatar image for wolf0

i dont know any one thats leting go of their old psp for that POS psp go the gamestop i go to alot said they have just one preorder LOL

Avatar image for angelGP32

lol, i'm going to start the PSP GO bargain bin watch. Let's see how long it takes it to go from launch to clearance bin. Bye bye PSP, you had a great run, but this will be the death of the line. I think developers will slowly turn away until nothing. Within 1-2 years. PSP will be a dead format. Way to go Sony. Man I hope I'm wrong, but I usually have a good track record with this stuff :(

Avatar image for TripSe7en

Hey Sony, how does your foot feel? Just after it started to heal from the PS3, you went and shot your own foot again.

Avatar image for FidelSarcastro

I still think this is a big middle finger to those who have already purchased a PSP and games in the past. Now if they would have used a conversion tool to convert the psp games you already have for a digital version for the new PSP Go or perhaps a trade in program I would be all for it.