Shippin' Out Sept. 26-Oct. 2: Dead Rising 2, FIFA 11

Capcom zombie action game and EA Sports footie sim lead new releases including Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Final Fantasy XIV, Front Mission Evolved, and more.


There are multiple outbreaks in the gaming world this week, as Capcom's zombie action sequel Dead Rising 2 is joined by a horde of new releases for all platforms, including Activision's latest Guitar Hero title, EA Sports' second major FIFA release of the year, and a trio of new titles from Square Enix.

Chuck Greene plays the odds in Dead Rising 2.
Chuck Greene plays the odds in Dead Rising 2.

Capcom's Dead Rising 2 sees the absurd action series spread to new platforms with versions for the PlayStation 3 and PC in addition to the Xbox 360. The sequel follows a new protagonist, motorsports icon Chuck Greene, in a new environment, the Las Vegas-like Fortune City. The game also introduces a new gameplay mechanic that lets players combine items to make improvised weapons, like duct-taping a fire axe and sledgehammer together to produce "The Defiler."

Those looking to shred with a figurative axe can pick up Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock this week. While the basic gameplay of Warriors of Rock follows the series' template, Activision and developer Neversoft have made changes to the surrounding game. The developer focused on returning the series to its rock roots and tweaked the single-player campaign to be a more fantasy-oriented affair, with players assembling an army of warriors to defeat "The Beast" and free the demigod of rock. The game will ship with 93 tracks, including Rush's entire 2112 rock suite.

While Guitar Hero 5 essentially went head-to-head with the Electronic Arts-distributed The Beatles: Rock Band last year, the two franchises are giving each other more breathing room this time around. Rock Band 3 isn't arriving until October 26, and EA is instead choosing this week for the multiplatform debut of FIFA 11. The latest EA Sports soccer sim might have a tough road ahead of it, as it is the second release this year for the ordinarily annualized franchise. It's only been five months since EA scored a major hit with the debut of FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa.

Rounding out the week's biggest releases are three drastically different titles from Square Enix. The publisher is releasing a PC massively multiplayer online role-playing game in Final Fantasy XIV, a downloadable cooperative action game in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for the PC and PS3, and a new take on its mech strategy series Front Mission, courtesy of Irvine, California-based Double Helix Games.

For further details on the week's games, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

Farm Frenzy: Animal Country--DS--City Interactive
Kid Fit Island Resort--WII--SVG Distribution
Samurai Warriors 3--WII--Nintendo
The Sims 3 Deluxe--PC--Electronic Arts

Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland--PS3--NIS America
Battle vs. Chess--PS3, X360, PC--SouthPeak Games
Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution--PS3, X360--2K Games
Dead Rising 2--PS3, X360, PC--Capcom
Deer Drive--DS--Mastiff
FIFA Soccer 11--PS3, X360, PS2, PSP, WII, DS, PC--Electronic Arts
Front Mission Evolved--PS3, X360, PC--Square Enix
Get Fit With Mel B--PS3--Deep Silver
Greg Hastings Paintball 2--WII--Majesco Games
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock--PS3, X360, WII, PC--Activision
Haunted House--WII--Action--Atari
John Daly's ProStroke Golf--WII, PC--O-Games
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light--PS3, PC--Square Enix
MorphX--X360--505 Games
MySims SkyHeroes--PS3, X360, WII, DS--Electronic Arts
Oops! Prank Party--WII--Hudson Soft
Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic--DS--Ubisoft
Quantum Theory--PS3, X360--Tecmo
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010--PS3, X360, WII, PSP, DS, PS2--Activision
Scripps Spelling Bee--DS--THQ
Sid Meier's Pirates!--WII--Atari
The Guild 2: Renaissance--PC--Dreamcatcher
Tropico 3: Gold Edition--PC--Kalypso

Ferrari: The Race Experience--PS3--System 3
Hydrophobia--X360--Microsoft Game Studios

Final Fantasy XIV Online--PC--Square Enix
Painkiller: Pandemonium--PC--Dreamcatcher

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Avatar image for Keitha313

Just rented out DR2 what a awful game honestly... They take this long to make another DR and this is what we get? Same old stupid problems with the last game no auto-saving a pretty linear story and the gameplay has barely changed what so ever its basically Dead Rising 1 with a new lick of paint and the same old stupid zombies in a larger number and larger setting but you know what really tops it all the stupid loading i swear you spend more time on the loading screen than you do playing the game!! Least i can rely on Fifa 2011 tomorrow just very glad i didn't decide to pre-order or buy DR2!!

Avatar image for berto64

nonthing for the psp,have fun playing Dead Rising 2

Avatar image for lamprey263

going to Dead Rising 2 midnight launch tonight :D

Avatar image for M3tr4nk0

I didn't know FIFA was coming tomorrow already! Also excited for Dead Rising 2 and Lara Croft! :D

Avatar image for novak_mugatu

Wow, fifa in september, castlevania in october,gran turismo 5 and black ops on november. I'll be broke!

Avatar image for blackfray

Dead Rising 2 is coming for PC as well... so tell me guys; I haven't played the first one and frankly i know nothing about the story and basically nothing about Dead Rising, i've just seen some demo of the game and it looks nice to me so,do you think is it worth it for me to get the game? i mean since i haven't played the first one i'm wondering if i'm gonna be in the dark of not knowing anything or does the game tells everything from the beginning for new comers as well?

Avatar image for DrKill09

Dead Rising 2's still plagued by the lack of autosave and annoying time constraints. I don't care about story and want no time limit. Why can't it be more like State of Emergency?

Avatar image for Ismaelkf

I will wait for next week.. Enslaved and Castlevania.. Woot woot!!

Avatar image for svdbygrce02

FIFA 11 sux

Avatar image for daabulls23

Might be awhile till I get these games...Civ takes over your gaming life.

Avatar image for metalkid9

That new fifa 11 background on gs is hot! I copied it to my youtube account :D

Avatar image for mosamania

after i checked PES demo..... its got potential this year. i am not sure wiether to go PES or FIFA.....choices choices.

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

got a copy of dead rising 2 today ... cant wait to come home from work to play with some zombies !!! haha

Avatar image for ThursdayFc

i alread got fifa 11 on the 25th. at.........

Avatar image for cameio

Next week will be more crazy, Castlevania, Enslaved..................................DANGEROUS BANKRUPT (O_O);

Avatar image for MarioHeavy

Guys, help me out there: Sure I'll buy Dead Rising 2 (XBox 360 version) because I loved the first. I only have one question: since I reported that some of my friends are playing Live at DR2 since the beginning of last week, and the game will only be released next Tuesday the 28th. The question is: how did they get the game before the official release? I've asked them and got no answer. Are they using pirated games? As a gamer, I am totally against piracy and know that I will be negated by several members of the Gamespot forums, but we, honest consumers, pay more for our games, we should be benefited in some way by MS because it does not encourage us in nothing. Just banned XBox 360 unlocked is not enough. Encourage your honest gamers, but the truth is that it seems that most do not do our duty, after all, how many of us have had our 3rls and still continue with a new Xbox 360? My first 360 had 3rls after three years, I lost the warranty and still bought an Arcade Jasper.

Avatar image for amaan4ever

The new manutd jersey sucks.The AOl symbol doesnt look good at all.AIG and Vodafone were the best fit

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

@Tripwolf I will all hands down second this, the game runs like crap and I'm using a gtx260. All mmos launches are rough or bad or even broken. Looking at FFXI and how long it took Square to fix a majority of problems and to implement normal things for a mmo to have like a marketplace. It makes me have little faith in Square not like there was much to begin with for the pass 10 years.

Avatar image for denicola_a_god

solid week for new games

Avatar image for wld007

btw i wanna see dead rising 2 ;)

Avatar image for wld007

@merex760.....its cricket dude!

Avatar image for -rukah_bear

I still don't know if im going to get dead rising. Enjoyed the review and what it brought to the table, but japanese companys are so far behind on what they add into their video game. For example I hear in dead rising 2 you have to stay within a certain area while online with your friend.. Sorry, but those things just don't exist anymore. Game developers have learned new things and are pushing games to past their limits beyond glory. I may wait for the bargain bin on this one.

Avatar image for svaubel

More guitar hero.... we cant even sell the ones we have on clearance at work. What the heck are we going to do with even more big Hero boxes.

Avatar image for Merex760

FIFA 11. Football is the best sport.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

@dynomitemasta Trust me, I know. I'm a huge fan of the Gears series, and am not sniping at them. It is more a comment towards the blatant copying Quantum has done. And yes, I agree, it's rating poorly. I had hopes for it, but I guess I'll just have to wait for Gears 3 for my Gears fix...

Avatar image for novak_mugatu

Already preordered FIIFA 2011!!! Best sports game franchise out there

Avatar image for Rayzakk

Already preordered Atelier Rorona and Dead Rising. Using $20 credit from Halo Reach from amazon on Dead Rising. They also gave me $5 additional credit because they were late with Reach to bring the price down a little more.

Avatar image for COPMAN221

finaleve God forbid you speak the actual truth here. I agree with you on that I see lttle difference on games for both systems. Unfortunately it what fanboys thrive on. Bashing said system that they don't own rather than just appreciate a great game thats on all formats.. Pretty sad and pathetic. To bad you can't see who give you thumbs down so you can call them out for being narrow minded.

Avatar image for JustClient

Getting FIFA first day.

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Just waiting until Wii Party and Ben 10 Cosmic Destruction for the Wii.

Avatar image for finaleve

@COPMAN221 (I thumbed up to bring you to 0 last i checked) I own all 3 consoles as well. I love my 360 to death, but picked up a PS3 for the sake of of loving some exclusives (MGS4 mainly). I try to play some games on both systems and really do not see a big difference. Online play is the only deciding factor in most cases, since some do not want to pay for other services. Can't stop fanboys. In the end, you just have to deal with it and if they don't like your opinion, you've already taken that extra step by annoying them in the 1st place. I'm looking at Front Mission and Borderlands DLC. FM was a sweet series, but this change has me a bit concerned.

Avatar image for Sanosuke123

Today I was wondering about what should I pre-order between Atelier Rorona or Dead rising 2. I pre-ordered Atelier Rorona :D .. I will just borrow dead rising from someone later

Avatar image for BigJohnWV

Getting Dead Rising 2, though I do admit Claptrap's Robot Revolution would be fun, only if that and the other three DLC's were put on a disc *hint, hint Gearbox*

Avatar image for kenjikazama

im getting Atelier Rorona and maybe fifa 11 too

Avatar image for TXMostWanted

Is it just me or does the protagonist of Dead Rising 2 look eerily similar to the main character off of HUNG? I guess if they ever wanted to make a movie out of it, they'd already have their actor LOL (god I hope not)

Avatar image for XboxGuy1537

Geez, they need to stop with the Guitar Hero already!

Avatar image for dynomitemasta

@PixelAddict, mentioning Quantum Theory in the same room as Gears is really not even an option dude.... didn't you play the demo? It's one of the cheesiest, silliest, dumbest wannabe's I have ever seen. I saw one review where it got like a 2 or a 3.... really bad. The demo was so bad I was actually embarrassed playing it.... and I was alone.

Avatar image for Tripwolf

Avoid FFXIV at all costs. Worst mmorpg I've ever tried.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Borderlands expansion on Tuesday! I had forgotten... what a dope surprise! I have to admit that I am also at least mildly interested in Gears of War 2.5 -- er, I mean Quantum Theory. Want to see how it reviews first.

Avatar image for RickyRevolver

have they mentioned anything about the new infinite hour mode... if there is any? if there is, I hope they get rid of the health decreasing catch

Avatar image for ALAAYA

good game

Avatar image for metalkid9

whats with the hate for fifa? I guess people are jealous that their sport is not the most popular in the world haha

Avatar image for COPMAN221

"Been playing Dead Rising 2 for the past 3 days on the PS3 and 360.Although the PS3 reguires a 2gig install, Let me be the first to say that there is no difference in graphics or gameplay for either system. It's a win for all gamers unless you fear ZOMBIES!!!" I posted the following earlier today but apparently some narrow minded fanboy did not like the fact that I made mention that both were exactly the same and gave me a thumbs down..So to the genius who gave me the thumb down, I'm not into console wars. I just state my honest opinion on games and systems. I own ALL systems and each has its own strong points and weak points. If you can't afford but one system don't blame the rest of the world. Grow up and get yourself a job.. Thank you..

Avatar image for Flinet91

Sid Meiers Pirets! Hahaha just joking (although its a good game) but Dead rising looks too good too pass up and it had a nice feeling in the demo.

Avatar image for Xx619MysterioxX

Dead Rising 2, WOOT!

Avatar image for UnknownElement4

Dead Rising 2, sweet. :)

Avatar image for PandaTrueno86

I'm just here for Dead Rising 2 ladies and gents...

Avatar image for COPMAN221

Been playing Dead Rising 2 for the past 3 days on the PS3 and 360.Although the PS3 reguires a 2gig install, Let me be the first to say that there is no difference in graphics or gameplay for either system. It's a win for all gamers unless you fear ZOMBIES!!!

Avatar image for blackace

Waiting for some reviews for Front Mission Evolved. Hopefully it's as good as the old PS2 versions. I've been waiting for this game for awhile. I'll wait on Dead Rising 2, as I never did beat the first one. Don't care about FIFA 11. I haven't played a Fifa game since it was on the 3DO. lol!! Most of the great games are coming out in October. Games like Fallout New Vegas, Kirby Epic Yarn, Enslaved, NBA Elite 11 and NBA 2K11, Medal of Honor, Fable III & SW: Force Unleashed 2. ****************************************************************** @NeveorNafelian Borderlands DLC is good, but does anyone know when GOTY is set for release? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, it's out on Oct 12th. [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url] I'm kind of pissed because I bought the 2 expansion game for $15. Now the GoTY version comes out with all 4 expansion included. I should have waited, but Borderlands was just to awesome to wait any longer.

Avatar image for Tha_DRP

DR2 C0-0P!!!

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