Shippin' Out March 8-14: Resident Evil 5, Madworld

Japanese game makers rule the week as violence-heavy actioners from Capcom and Platinum Games join family-friendly fare New Play Control Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis.


The week of March 8 to March 14 doesn't have many releases quantity-wise, but all three current-generation consoles still have at least one huge game on the way.

For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers, that release is Resident Evil 5. Capcom's latest survival horror action adventure sees protagonist Chris Redfield and companion Sheva Alomar confront the heart of undead darkness in African shantytowns. Gamers can go it alone in the over-the-shoulder third-person shooter or team up with a friend to have one player control Chris while the other handles Sheva. For a full rundown on what to expect from RE5, check out GameSpot's content-packed Launch Center.

Wii gamers will have their own chance to engage in brutal hyperviolence with Platinum Games' Madworld. Platinum Games is best known as the haven for a number of Clover Studios top talent, including Atsushi Inaba (producer of Viewtiful Joe), Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator), and Hideki Kamiya (director of Devil May Cry and Okami). Madworld is the first in a four-game publishing deal with Sega, and has been built from the ground up exclusively for the Wii, featuring a comic-book-esque, black-and-white art aesthetic, as well as loads of gory action.

The Wii will also see the first of the Nintendo Wii's New Play Control line of games, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis. Both essentially ports of their GameCube counterparts, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis now feature Wii Remote-enabled motion controls. EA's My Sims Party has also hung the balloons for its debut on the Wii and DS, whereas Matrix (better known as the studio that reduxed Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS) delivers Avalon Code for Nintendo's portable.

For a full list of the week's game debuts, check out GameSpot's New Releases page.

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Avatar image for beavanjb

What we want is a new Pikmin game, I love the 1st 2 games, very unique.

Avatar image for shani_boy101

I'd get a Wii just for MadWorld.

Avatar image for deactivated-59ff149c6b46d

Mad World and RE5 ftw

Avatar image for sammyseal2

I might need to think before I buy Res Evil, could be a $100 dissapointment.

Avatar image for TXMostWanted

This is officially the longest week ever...RE5 can't come faster enough!? Plus, my Wii hasn't really been touched since I got tired of Wii Sports...can't they release something that isn't a port or a party game?

Avatar image for bananaxx2

nintendo dont disappoint me again tired...for real...

Avatar image for phil-_-meh

if i own a wii ill go "hell ya" now

Avatar image for necronaux

'bout time there were some decent M rated Wii titles.

Avatar image for mcjakeqcool

Sega don't mess anything up, and don't go dissin Atari either cos the Jaguar was awsome!

Avatar image for SweetMusic

Also the Midnight Club: LA South Central DLC is out on Thursday! FREE Map Expansion plus 9 New Cars/SUV's and more new content. Can't wait!

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

Kinda thin on releases this week, but I guess it's like opening a film opposite of Watchmen. Mad World looks interesting, but I don't have a Wii, so I will just be satisfied with RE. Probably end up playing it like all night. Should be good, really looking forward to seeing how they continue the story and how it all comes together.....if it comes together. Maybe even a few surprises in store?

Avatar image for mysteriojoe

Mad World looks good, but Sega has a really bad track record of making sh***y games the last few years. I wouldn't be surprised if this game is horrible. Sega screws everything up.

Avatar image for RockmanSRD

I'm definitely getting RE5... Too bad my work is having to cut labor this week, so no more midnight release for us. I'm also excited about Samurai Shodown Anthology if it ever actually comes out.

Avatar image for deactivated-57ecaa358eeb6

EVE Online Special Edition FTW!!

Avatar image for nickythenewt21

Madworld, RE5, and Pikmin?!?! Sweet Jesus, this is awesome!

Avatar image for DS_fan_atic

Getting Resident Evil 5 and Madworld this week!

Avatar image for -Squirrel-

Oh Madworld, how I have waited so long for you. Platinum games may become my new favorite Japanese developer after Madworld. I can't describe how awesome the game looks.... *drools* so excited!!! As much as I love RE, after the demo I am okay with waiting on that one. RE4 had a perfect mix of survival horror and action, and now it looks as Capcom may have went too far with the action. Plus no console can do RE like the Wii can.

Avatar image for Sins-of-Mosin

My buddy and I will play it co-op in a few weeks but no rush.

Avatar image for dortega120

Wooh! Resident Evil 5 on Friday! Now i'll have something to look foward to after work!!!!

Avatar image for zaveline

RE5 Cant Wait to get Maybe Mario Power Tennis or Resident Evil Code Veronica For Wii Or Pikmin cant wait though

Avatar image for maverick_76

I highly doubt RE 5 will garner GOTY, my money is on a game released a little later in the year, those tend to stick in the minds of reviewers more, recently played and released games.

Avatar image for 11CrimsonRubies

I am so excited for RE 5! I'll be gone that weekend though.. poo. :(

Avatar image for re4leonkennedy

I'll be getting Resident Evil 5 and Pikmin(since I never played the gamecube version.

Avatar image for Moppyp

NOO way is RE5 going to be game of the year, i agree it's a superior game but there are soo many mores games left for 09 and Killzone 2 is out already plus God of War 3!

Avatar image for Mohmikee

Dude............ This game is straight up gonna rock. and if you cant beat Public Assembly.... I say your gonna have a "fun" time.... haha... But yeah if you try a couple of times you will get it and do it really fast.

Avatar image for Henninger

@ angelGP32 U just suck if u cant beat the demo boards. They really werent that hard. Public Assembly wuz kinda hard cuz the enemies just kept comin & u had that big guy with the ax but Shanty Town wuz easy as hell. This game is gonna b game of the year. Any1 who disagrees show me a game that has been announced or is already out that u think can compete with Resident Evil 5. Cuz i havent seen it yet.

Avatar image for aserbianguy

oh and if anybody wants to see a review of RE 5, then go to then you can see gamespot's review when it comes out

Avatar image for aserbianguy

i do understand why RE 5 isnt on the wii. the wii is a weak system (weak as in the engine isnt strong enough) compared to the 360 and ps3, all you wii guys who complain, dont, cause its your fault. wii's not a bad system but it cant compare, power wise GETTING IT FOR MY 360 :)

Avatar image for OICWUTUDIDTHAR

'Tis a good week to be a gamer.

Avatar image for retrofraction12

I don't care if the graphics look like RE4's I want a Wii version of this. It is not impossible to do that.

Avatar image for retrofraction12

all I've hear directly from capcom is "Wii owners will be happy soon"

Avatar image for cajunstrike

'Speaking of Resident Evil and Wii, heard rumors of a March 12 announcement for a Code Veronica remake for the Wii. Can anyone confirm?' Please disregard. Answered in Rumor Control...

Avatar image for SniperJackson

I give minimal 9.5/10 for Resident Evil 5 because it is my favourite game;-) and I can't wait online co-op. can't waaaaiiiiiiiiitt

Avatar image for cajunstrike

Speaking of Resident Evil and Wii, heard rumors of a March 12 announcement for a Code Veronica remake for the Wii. Can anyone confirm?

Avatar image for airboygt

RE5- For my PS3 Yeah! Mad World- For my Wii... Ughh.... I'm starting to regret less, and less purchasing Nintendo's glorified "Weather Forecaster" (That’s about all I use it for lately), as I would miss out on some pretty unique games. On Friday, Capcom gets my $$, but I'll will probably pick up Mad World the following week.

Avatar image for _Brennan_

RE5 gets a 9.5/10 from Gamespot. Bank on it. ;)

Avatar image for angelGP32

i'm still very skeptical regarding RE5. The game looks fantastic, but the gameplay...ugh. I don't consider myself a pro gamer, but I'm by no means terrible and I couldn't complete either of the demo missions. To many enemies to stand around trying to shoot. Like i've said before, the standard RE controls work when there's 1-2 zombies, but not hoards, and not ones that can run and throw stuff.

Avatar image for zXc_slayer

Can't wait to play some RE5 online co-op :)

Avatar image for Lyca

I think Im probably one of the few gamers that are glad the controls have not changed. For people like me who cant use a gp for fps its great! Im so looking forward to playing this game Co-op with my Bro.

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Resident evil is going to be pure fun and a very solid game. Thou that "Fear you wont forget"... I already gave up about Resident Evil Scaring me since the remake for Gamecube. Anyway, good action adventure for sure :)

Avatar image for joelgargan

@ Mason-McGlasson NEVER judge the graphics on a game by a demo. thats like a basic rule, idiot/

Avatar image for drewciferpike

Is it just me, or are a lot of gamers going to be seriously short on funds, this year (and for the right reasons)? It seems like a lot of great games are heading our way, and in a steady stream for all of 2009...

Avatar image for Mason-McGlasson

I thought the graphics in RE 5 were ok not near the level of KZ2, the controls are dated, but overall probably 8.5 from what I've played of the demo.

Avatar image for gamer082009

Resident Evil 5 is jaw droppingly my book it deserves a 10/10. Don't know where these 8-9 ratings are coming from but it's just not doing this game justice.

Avatar image for itwiz90

It's all about quality and this weekend is serving up a couple of real good ones. Man, I cannot wait til RE5 is released this Friday.

Avatar image for PSdual_wielder

Kind of sad to see former capcom staff go at it against capcom.

Avatar image for JaY_MaC102

I get to pick up Resident Evil 5 this week and next week Madworld. March is actually a good month for gaming this year.

Avatar image for wiifan001

RE5 and Madworld. It's oh so special. This week quality > quantity :)

Avatar image for Darth_Nater307

I might get Pikmin, but that's just because my GCN version is extremely scratched up.

Avatar image for msudude211

I'm looking forward to Gamespot's RE5 review.

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