Shippin' Out March 8-14: Resident Evil 5, Madworld

Japanese game makers rule the week as violence-heavy actioners from Capcom and Platinum Games join family-friendly fare New Play Control Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis.


The week of March 8 to March 14 doesn't have many releases quantity-wise, but all three current-generation consoles still have at least one huge game on the way.

For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers, that release is Resident Evil 5. Capcom's latest survival horror action adventure sees protagonist Chris Redfield and companion Sheva Alomar confront the heart of undead darkness in African shantytowns. Gamers can go it alone in the over-the-shoulder third-person shooter or team up with a friend to have one player control Chris while the other handles Sheva. For a full rundown on what to expect from RE5, check out GameSpot's content-packed Launch Center.

Wii gamers will have their own chance to engage in brutal hyperviolence with Platinum Games' Madworld. Platinum Games is best known as the haven for a number of Clover Studios top talent, including Atsushi Inaba (producer of Viewtiful Joe), Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator), and Hideki Kamiya (director of Devil May Cry and Okami). Madworld is the first in a four-game publishing deal with Sega, and has been built from the ground up exclusively for the Wii, featuring a comic-book-esque, black-and-white art aesthetic, as well as loads of gory action.

The Wii will also see the first of the Nintendo Wii's New Play Control line of games, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis. Both essentially ports of their GameCube counterparts, Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis now feature Wii Remote-enabled motion controls. EA's My Sims Party has also hung the balloons for its debut on the Wii and DS, whereas Matrix (better known as the studio that reduxed Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS) delivers Avalon Code for Nintendo's portable.

For a full list of the week's game debuts, check out GameSpot's New Releases page.

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