Shippin' Out March 17-21: Ninja Gaiden DS, Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Headliners prop up a light week of releases, with Wii Worms: A Space Oddity, PS2 MGS: Essential Collection, and PS3 Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds also out.


In 2004, Tomonobu Itagaki and Tecmo's Team Ninja revived the much-revered Ninja Gaiden 2D beat-'em-up series in a 3D action adventure for the Xbox. With an emphasis on technical prowess, intense difficulty, and pagoda-soaking gore, the Xbox version was subsequently given touch-ups with Ninja Gaiden Black and the PlayStation 3-exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma. This week, Itagaki's Team Ninja is bringing the post-2004 Ninja Gaiden formula back to Nintendo's platform with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS, a touch-screen-heavy rendition of master ninja Ryu Hayabusa's travails. For a look at how well that formula translated, check out GameSpot's full review of the game.

Also returning for another round this week is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (A PC version is expected to arrive later this year.) With Ubisoft's Montreal studio promising an "explosive finale" to the storyline begun in the elite corps' first terrorist-hunting foray into Sin City, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 offers new weapons, armor, and enemy AI, as well as an expanded suite of adversarial and cooperative multiplayer modes.

A number of platform exclusives also take to retail shelves this week. THQ's hyperbolic annelids find pay dirt for the first time on Nintendo's Wii with A Space Oddity, while Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection arrives on the PlayStation 2 in anticipation of Metal Gear Solid 4's PS3 debut in June. In the meantime, the PS3 has a number of other games out this week, including Clap Hanz's Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds and Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore. On the massively multiplatform front, Sega lobs Superstars Tennis onto the Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation 2, Wii, and DS.

With no new downloadable games being added to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, Microsoft hopes to placate its digital download-enthused crowd with new downloadable content for Forza 2 as well as price cuts for Sierra Online's Assault Heroes and id Software's Doom to 400 Microsoft points ($5). Available this Wednesday for 400 Microsoft points ($5), the Forza 2 car pack adds 13 new autos to the game's already-impressive 340-plus roster, including the Peugeot 207 Super 2000, Audi S5, 2008 BMW M3, Lamborghini LP640, and Ferrari 430 Scuderia. On the Wii's Virtual Console, Nintendo is offering up Spelunker and Super R-Type for 500 ($5) and 800 ($8) Wii points, respectively.

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer information--actual dates may vary).

MARCH 17, 2008
Dance! Online (PC)
Merv Griffin's Crosswords (PC)
Spelunker (Wii VC)
Super R-Type (Wii VC)
Worms: A Space Oddity (Wii)

MARCH 18, 2008
Diary Girl (DS)
Fantasy Aquarium (DS)
GoPets: Vacation Island (DS)
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (PS3)
Lost in Blue 3 (DS)
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection (PS2)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Wii)
Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends (PS2)
Sega Superstars Tennis (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS)
Singstar '90s (PS2)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (X360, PS3)

MARCH 19, 2008
No announced releases.

MARCH 20, 2008
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS)

MARCH 21, 2008
No announced releases.

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Avatar image for nieuwuss

does anyone know if there will be a third person mode in vegas 2 like in the previous one??

Avatar image for dragonbattousai

GameStop decided to not get the MGS Essential Collection in unless you reserved it, which I didn't. So I went ahead and ordered it online. I never played MGS, so I guess now is a good time to get into it so I can be ready for MGS4.

Avatar image for ghost867

Anybody with a PS3 who enjoyed Mario Tennis or Tiger Woods should pick up Hot Shots 5, since the series has always been of great quality. It sucks that the MGS Collection is such a cop out. The original PS1 disc of MGS1? Come on, that's just cheesy. They could of done so much more, and I'm very disappointed with the pack. Plus, I can't play it anyway since I have a 40GB PS3. Bah. Also, just take Singstar '90s as a fill in for Singstar PS3. They've had a bunch come stateside in that last half year or so, since they've been in the EU forever. Not a bad game at all, just might be a bit pricey. As far as Vegas 2 is concerned, I don't think most people even know it's coming out, and most people I know who do know it's coming out don't care. Between Army of Two, Frontlines, Lost Planet, The Club, and Turok, I don't now if it has a place in gamers consoles at the moment. Plus, people are still playing Halo 3 and COD4, both of which are having map packs come out soon. So how is this going to survive when it has little hype, little advertising, or even little knowledge of it's existence? Needless to say I'm worried.

Avatar image for lamprey263

I'd of liked to see MGS Portable Ops get a PS2 port in time to make it into the MGS Essential Collection, and I'd of liked to have seen the suplimental VR missions disc that was sold seperately when the first MGS was out on the PS1... but the first 3 games for the PS2 for $30 is still pretty good

Avatar image for jcloverboy

Grabbing Hot Shot for PS3 and R6: Vegas for 360 later today. May rent Sega Superstars Tennis on 360 (will wait on reviews)

Avatar image for Jman251

@dmish82 - I got my fingers crossed I'm surprised that Konami has ported MG: Poratable Ops to the PS2. I mean that game bridges the gap from Snake Eater to MGS. Hopefully they will cover that chapter in the Bounus MGS DVD that comes with MGS4 when you pre-order it.

Avatar image for dmish82

@Jman251 The Japan PSN Store is getting MGS as a download. Maybe the US will see it soon???

Avatar image for nieuwuss

does anyone know if there will be a third person mode in vegas 2 like in the previous one??

Avatar image for Jman251

the_real_VIP wrote: "Honestly, MGS: The Essential Collection should have been on Blu-ray and/or PS Store." I agree. I still own MGS2 and MGS3, and all I need is MGS to complete my EC. It would have been nice if I could have just downloaded from the PS store. I think it would have been even better if they had included the Gamecube version of MGS instead of the original PSOne version.

Avatar image for Jman251

membernametaken wrote: "Am I the only one excited about Hot Shots Golf?" Actually I would be more excited if a new Hot Shots Golf had come out for PSP, cuz that's a great game to play when your on the go.

Avatar image for dmish82

Yeah, that's nice Gamespot but where are your reviews for these games? Everyone else has reviews up before the release or within a day or two of the release.

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

Honestly, MGS: The Essential Collection should have been on Blu-ray and/or PS Store.

Avatar image for darren05r

they shouldn't just make a port of the MGS collection to PS3, they should also do it as downloads on the PSstore. Also, why is there info about Xbox Arcade and Virtual Console but none about the ps store? seems a little odd to me to leave one out.

Avatar image for ps3and360owner

hell yes rainbow six vegas 2 for my 360 this week i cant wait :)

Avatar image for atomD21

Okay, so Gamespot says NG: DS is shipping this Thursday, but Gamestop has the date listed as the 25th...I've already got the game paid for so I'm really hoping that Gamespot is right.....

Avatar image for gocanes222

i'm thinking about R6:v2 it looks cool. Maybe I'l get off my CoD4 addiction. PS3 though

Avatar image for 0Goldeneye0

ow, Once again PC is delayed! This is getting out of hand and it always happens to us!

Avatar image for Headhunter01

R6V2 for me

Avatar image for ArsenicA

R6V2 FTW... ive been waiting for this game so long... that its not even funny any more :(

Avatar image for SR71halo

Alright, go R6V2 and Sega Superstars Tennis! :D

Avatar image for DJ_Lae

The Forza 2 pack is cool, and I'll probably buy it being the whore that I am, but I wish there were more new cars and fewer tweaked versions of existing ones. I understand it takes more effort to model a completely new vehicle, but still.

Avatar image for mikewalsh69

they should have tried to make a port of the mgs collection for the ps3 on a bluray disc.

Avatar image for cronew1


Avatar image for trippleclick

RE: "P.S. Why is Gamespot super late on reviews for games lately?" Reviewers gotta make sure they put the right opinion otherwise they'll get the pink slip.

Avatar image for BigWorld41

Hey Folks, just dropping some knowledge. has a listing for Vegas 2 on Thursday at Fry's Electronics stores for only 39.99! Game On! BigWorld Out!

Avatar image for Loucetios

Hot Shots Golf and metal gear solid the essential collection?, whoot, my ps3 is gonna have some fun :D

Avatar image for supa_badman

LOL diary girl. what idiot comes up with these games

Avatar image for carljohnson3456

Man, Rainbow Six 2 sounds really tempting... I've been spending too dang much money for games lately. I probably shouldnt... I need to save money... GAH!!! There goes another $60 out of my wallet.

Avatar image for Tremblay343

Definatly picking up the MGS: EC tomorrow. Been wating for this since the announced it =P

Avatar image for ArchonBasic

Is Ninja Gaiden really coming out on the 20th? Because Gamestop still has it listed for the 25th and that's where I'm buying it.

Avatar image for onething77

RSV2 is a must. Plus it's been developed here in Montreal. That's why it's such a good game!

Avatar image for dmish82

Let's hope Rainbow Six lives up to the hype. P.S. Why is Gamespot super late on reviews for games lately?

Avatar image for onething77

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for cooldude03

Worms always rocks! Let's hope it control ok on the Wii. R6V2 should be great. I just need to decide do I get it for 360 or PS3. Probably 360 I'm a sucker for acheivements.

Avatar image for Krazy-K

I gotta pick up my MGS Essential Collection copy tomorrow, I need something to past the time 'til GTA IV and MGS4 comes out.

Avatar image for desert_e_909

Cool,im getting my copy of MGS essential collection tomorrow.

Avatar image for karateyoyo

NiNjA GaIdEn and SeGa SuPeRsTaRs TeNnIs!!! >:D Must get!!!

Avatar image for Nocturnal15

Definitly getting Vegas 2!

Avatar image for membernametaken

Am I the only one excited about Hot Shots Golf?

Avatar image for lamprey263

I'm stoked to check out the new R6:Vegas 2, I heard they have it running at a smoother framerate and all; that'll be worth checking out oh, and I'm definitely getting the MGS Essential Collection

Avatar image for DocGonzo1971

Yeah, Dairy Girl and Fantasy Aquarium! ;p

Avatar image for re4leonkennedy

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword should be great. MGS: Essential is a must buy for anyone who hasn't played the series(only 30 dollars too).

Avatar image for strangejames

As far as I know Condemned 2: Bloodshot is out on the march 20 for Australia and april 4 for Europe.

Avatar image for gnbfd

Ninja Gaiden! I think I might get that :D

Avatar image for sdwhitby

not that bad i didnt realise so many games were coming out this week hopefully i'll be getting mgs: essential collection

Avatar image for Nineball2112

Isn't Condemned 2: Bloodshot coming out on the 20th for the PS3 too? It does look like a good week for releases...

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