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Shippin' Out Mar. 29-Apr. 4: Guitar Hero: Metallica, Don King Boxing

The Mighty Met takes the stage on the Xbox 360, PS3 this week, as the most splendiferous boxing promoter pops Wii and DS, Braid entangles PC, Major Minor's Majestic March steps off.


Guitar Hero: Aerosmith proved to be an unmitigated success for Activision, selling in excess of 2 million units in the US across multiple platforms through February 2009, according to the NPD Group. The publisher is undoubtedly hoping to encore that success with Guitar Hero: Metallica, the second installment in the billion-dollar franchise to be devoted to a single band.

The bell's about to toll for many.
The bell's about to toll for many.

Guitar Hero: Metallica for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 features the titular thrash-metal kings, as well as 21 other acts that acted as influences or were influenced by the band. In all, the game includes more than 45 playable tracks, which make use of the microphone and drum-kit peripherals introduced with Guitar Hero World Tour, in addition to the standard guitar and bass fare. GH: Metallica also brings a handful of new features to the franchise, including the Expert+ difficulty setting.

Those looking for a bit more sousaphone in their rhythm-game escapades can alternatively pick up Majesco's Major Minor's Majestic March for the Wii. Majesco will be bringing to market Gardening Mama for the DS, as well. 2K Sports will also be adding a title to both of Nintendo's platforms this week, with Don King Boxing rumbling onto the Wii and DS.

Those who missed Jonathan Blow's award-winning puzzle-platformer Braid on the Xbox 360 last year will be pleased to know that the PC edition will arrive at retail and a variety of downloadable storefronts this week. Xbox 360 and PC gamers will also be able to pick up Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, courtesy of Codemasters. Lastly, while Duke Nukem Forever remains a work in progress, Apogee Software will bring the Duke Nukem Trilogy to retail shelves this week on the PSP and DS.

Check back later in the week for GameSpot's reviews of the week's debuts. For a full rundown of every new game, check out the New Releases page.

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