Shippin' Out July 2-6: Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Vampire Rain

PS3 revamp of Tecmo's classic joins all-new 360 adventure on the week's light summer release docket.


With Q3 2007 under way and E3 2007 eight days away, publishers appear to be turning off the game-shipment spigot. Though online retailers list more games--such as the perennial new release Chicken Shoot--as arriving in stores this week, less than a half-dozen titles have been definitely confirmed to ship out this week.

Easily the highest-profile game is Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3. The Tecmo series' debut on a Sony platform features the content from the critically lauded Ninja Gaiden, originally released for the Xbox in 2004, and Ninja Gaiden Black, released in 2005. The game's graphics have been reworked from the ground up for Sigma, which also adds a number of refinements, such as gameplay tweaks, Sixaxis support, and a new playable character. Rated M for Mature, the game retails for $59.99.

Besides Missile Command's July 4 debut on Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox 360 owners have only one title to look forward to this week--Vampire Rain from Japanese developer Artoon (Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space). The stealth action horror game drops a Sam Fisher-like operative into the middle of a Los Angeles that's been overrun by nocturnal undead bloodsuckers known as "Nightwalkers." Vampire Rain is rated M for Mature and retails for $59.99.

Besides a troika of Wii Virtual Console games, little else of note is shipping during this holiday-bisected week. Steel Horizon, Konami's naval strategy game, will surface on the PSP alongside two DS titles: Cookie & Cream and Platinum Sudoku. PC debuts include Seven Kingdoms: Conquest, Taito Legends 2, and the Marvel Trading Card Game.

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer information--actual dates may vary).

JULY 2, 2007
Chicken Shoot (WII)
Cookie & Cream (DS)
Dragon Spirit (WII)
Horsez (GBA)
Jewels of Cleopatra (PC)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (WII)
Steel Horizon (PSP)

JULY 3, 2007
Dead Reefs (PC)
Marvel Trading Card Game (PC)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)
Platinum Sudoku (PC)
Vampire Rain (X360)
Vegas Casino High 5! (DS)

Missile Command (X360)

JULY 5, 2007
Ride! Carnival Tycoon (PC)
Seven Kingdoms: Conquest (PC)
Taito Legends 2 (PC)

JULY 6, 2007
Terror Strike (PC)

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Avatar image for basketcase0493

the graphics looked horrible. I'm glad i bought a 360 because this is probably the only ok game on the ps3.

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

Sigma is the only game worth buying

Avatar image for ta1snake

Listen!!! Vampire Rain= C.R.A.P

Avatar image for comthitnuong

If I had a PS3 I would probably pick up Sigma. But I don't have one yet...

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Nothing of interest for me.

Avatar image for _NeoN

Ninja Gaiden stands out from the rest. Always wanted to play it but it's always been an XBox exclusive. Things are looking up. Then there's Vampire Rain, sounds wicked. Hope it gets ported too.

Avatar image for _NeoN

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for superox12000

got Ninja Gaiden Sigma today didnt know the Vampire Rain came out want to play that and well i just feel bad for the Wii owners another slow console so far

Avatar image for LivingDeadNinja

Got my Sigma Collector's and t-shirt in hand! This will be all and enough for the week. Sure i'll eventually download SMB2 at some point...

Avatar image for iliyun

nice but for this gamer whose finished gaiden original and then Black this is a bit too little and too late. for people who never played gaiden pick this game up.....PRONTO!

Avatar image for Bananna2

Nice, runs out to get Sigma

Avatar image for Agreb91

Slow and boring weeks for games.

Avatar image for snipe2004

gotta go get some of that ninja gaiden sigma goodness

Avatar image for willripyouanew1


Avatar image for jcloverboy

Vampire Rain looks horrible. I may rent Sigma - I never played Ninja Gaiden when I had it on Xbox...owned it just never got around to it.

Avatar image for DanC1989

Yay, now bring it out over here too! Well, I suppose a week and a bit isn't too long to wait. (Sigma)

Avatar image for Nharia12

At least with Vampire Rain and Sigma theres something to play during the summer game drought.

Avatar image for aznfool07

I'm hyping Chicken Shoot.

Avatar image for hovan316

I didn't play Ninja Gaiden cause I had sold my crappy Xbox when it came out...I missed that game. I'm buying Sigma today...going in about an hour. Future Shop has a special still on today.

Avatar image for luigismansion101

Ninjiz, not everyone played NG or NGB. I didn't, because, by some miracle, I didn't buy an Xbox, probably because it SUCKED. Ninja Gaiden was one of the few reasons to buy an xbox along with halo 1 and 2, and I wasn't impressed by either of those because they brought nothing new to the table. I would say there are a lot of PS3 owners who didn't have an Xbox and haven't played NG and are gonna pick this up, I know I am.

Avatar image for UmonDaisuke

Every Xbox owner who skipped on NG back then needs to be smacked, likewise for any PS3 owner who will skip on Sigma now. Great game, and one of the few truly challenging ones out there.

Avatar image for thekey

Ninja Gaiden is HOT regaurless what system its on.

Avatar image for onlineps2player

_______________ \ \ \ \ \ / / / / / /__________________ YEAH Sigma !!!!!

Avatar image for Chainblast

Sigma is awesome for people who have and haven't played NG before. And just wait until NG2 is announced for PS3. That'll really set things ablaze.

Avatar image for jakeboudville

Gotta try Sigma sometime soon

Avatar image for omegacis

Considering that it's practically the same game that Black is, Sigma should retail for $30. I mean if Capcom could do it for the Wii (Resident Evil 4) why can't Tecmo? I'm waiting for Gaiden 2 for the 360. A whole new game is worth the $60 and the wait.

Avatar image for Nawras

Make Ninja Gaiden 2 for 360!

Avatar image for ocdog45

ninja gaiden sigma and vampire rain

Avatar image for hovan316

Sigma is awsome for people who haven't played it... You'll get the amazing experience that the game delivered, in 1080p with a whole lot of improvements...

Avatar image for serph-1925

why would l buy ninja gainder again PLZ just cuz it on the ps3 thats a big no no for me.Rent it yes buy it never

Avatar image for ketsuatama

It looks like more gamers will be forced to enjoy themselves under a summer sky given this pathetic bunch of scheduled releases!

Avatar image for Dark_Nexus3367

Well for ps3 owners, i recommend this game IF you have not played Ninja Gaiden or the Black versions that were out for the xbox.It seems to be a worthy purchase if you've never played it.If you're familiar with the other games then maybe rent it and if you have the other games, then dont buy this one.Sigma is nice but the third version of the same game except with better graphics,one new character,and new weapons for $60 is not worth it.As for the WIi,the virtual console is expanding faster than the Wii's retail library.Nintendo really needs to focus on full on Wii games instead of simply porting every old nintendo game known to man to the Virtual console.They should space out the VC releases and ramp up 3rd party and 1st party games.

Avatar image for 123coolgirl

@Ninjiz: oh this kid want to play this game so bad that he starting to give excuses. lol anyone who played the demo should know this game still rock. i have the first and black and still want more. big fan

Avatar image for Ninjiz

Sigma.... a game we've all played already.. twice.... The only real difference is dual wielding Katanas, and playing as Rachel....for $60??? pffft

Avatar image for Evinco_DX

No games worthy of a purchase coming out this week.

Avatar image for Shinedown220

Cant wait to play Sigma!!!

Avatar image for Tnasty11

Ninja gaiden

Avatar image for westsidejedi360

I still have to get the Red vs. Blue dvds, nothing for me this summer (also savin up for Halo 3 legendary)

Avatar image for Lockeyness

Kind of a crappy week. Only title I'm interested in is Dragon Spirit for the Virtual Console, and I've already purchased it.

Avatar image for YukoAsho

I just can't WAIT for Terror Strike. (/sarcasm)

Avatar image for wateverboy

its time for me to become a ninja again

Avatar image for vaejas

Playing the Vampire Rain demo doesn't make me think of Splinter Cell, it makes me think of Syphon Filter and the PSOne. Will be interesting to see how fast it hits the bargain bin. I think it's a terrific story idea, just poorly balanced to be accessibly fun.

Avatar image for abdito

ninja gaiden baby

Avatar image for NightRain

LOL Vampire Rain... Finally, Marvel TCG comes out for PC!

Avatar image for xshinobi

Vampire Rain looks to be poo!

Avatar image for JamesL007

I have been waiting for Ninja Gaiden Sigma for a while so its going to be great to finally have it tomorrow. Peace

Avatar image for haseeb_1989

Sweet ninja gaiden i am getting it tomorrow. First comment.

Avatar image for Pete5506

nothing I want