Shippin' Out January 22-26: More Zelda for VC

Dry week for new releases topped off with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's debut on the Wii's Virtual Console, trio of releases for the PSP.


This week's slate of releases represented a typical slow January. Not many new big names hit stores this week, but at least a legend returned to the Wii and a handheld ended a release drought.

On Monday, Nintendo released the Wii Virtual Console version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The third game in the popular franchise, A Link to the Past was originally released in 1992 and appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The VC version is rated E for Everyone and sells for 800 Wii Points ($8).

As far as other downloadable goodies go, Microsoft won't be releasing a full arcade game for Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, instead offering three downloadable content packs for Lumines Live! Sony has not announced any games for the PlayStation Store.

Rocky hits the PSP...and  this dude.
Rocky hits the PSP...and this dude.

PlayStation Portable owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief this week, as the monthlong dearth of a new retail release ended with a bang. Three games for Sony's handheld are due out this week, the first full retail releases for the platform since Bubble Bobble Evolution was released on December 19.

Sid Meier's Pirates! shrinks down onto the PSP after being released on the Xbox and PC. Ubisoft dances with the Italian Stallion with Rocky Balboa, based on the movie of the same name, and role-playing fans can adventure with Falcom's The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

Over on the PC, gamers can virtually conquer the world with Europa Universalis III from Paradox Interactive. The strategy game lets players use diplomacy, economics, and good old-fashioned brawn to defeat their foes. Gamers can also try the game for free by downloading the demo.

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer information--actual dates may vary).

JANUARY 22, 2007
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Wii via Virtual Console)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
Sid Meier's Pirates! (PSP)
The Shield (PC)

JANUARY 23, 2007
Europa Universalis III (PC)
The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean (PSP)
Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel (DS)

JANUARY 25, 2007
Sam & Max Episode 3: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball (PC)

JANUARY 26, 2007
Underground Pool (DS)
Rocky Balboa (PSP)

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Avatar image for AvIdGaMeR444

KevComesRipping...I agree that Ocarina has possibly the most glitches in a Nintendo-made game ever. Just go to Youtube and look up "ocarina of time" "glitches" However, it is still quite possibly my favorite game of all time.

Avatar image for HaaZ

I wonder which princess I've saved more, Toadstool (Peach) or Zelda

Avatar image for MACMALLEON

I love Zelda, Shes hot! Thanks Nintendo for Link to the Past so that I may save her....yet again!

Avatar image for VanGriffin

Rocky Balboa on the PSP? Do we get to climb those steps in philly tooo? They didn't want to name it Rocky 6, makes it soooo....old! Anyways a good week for the PSP.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

sweet i want sam and max episode 3

Avatar image for pencilpusher69

AngelnX "I wanna see NiGHTS appear on the Wii ..... that will be the best seller!" I'd love to see it too, but I don't believe for a moment that it will outsell either of the Zelda games currently on the VC. Nights went practically unnoticed back when it was released. It'd be cool if they include Christmas Nights, if they do ever get that out. jasonlc3221 "When is Wii gonna come out with something new? I'm getting sick of all the remakes. I want something more than just Wario Smooth Moves" Um, welcome to the land of new consoles. There is always a drought following a system release, if you didn't know. Thankfullly we have over 30 games at retail, and over 30 on the VC to play. It's going to be about one more month before we start getting that next wave of games, so hold tight, and be lucky you don't have to face the drought that the PS3 is facing.

Avatar image for blowmestudios

come on sony we want some metal gear action on the PSS, SF and CB was a great idea now we need twisted metal air combat, agile warrior and all the other great classics the store has massive potential but im sure it must be hard to balance the PSP PS2 PS3 and the BLU ray battle front, i will always support but you guys really need to catch up to urselves oh and glad to hear about link to the past i would luv to check it out if i had a Wii

Avatar image for AngelnX

I wanna see NiGHTS appear on the Wii ..... that will be the best seller!

Avatar image for jasonlc3221

When is Wii gonna come out with something new? I'm getting sick of all the remakes. I want something more than just Wario Smooth Moves

Avatar image for Sharvie

This is teh awesomeness.

Avatar image for LordAndrew

It's episodic, Legacyoftain. Each episode doesn't last long.

Avatar image for Sil3n7Knight

Hotel Dusk Pwns hard!!!!

Avatar image for Reetesh

The new Ep of Sam and Max here so soon! thats great!

Avatar image for LosDaddie

I finally get to play Zelda: Link to the Past!:D I never played it before.

Avatar image for Legacyoftain

WTF sam and max episode 3? didnt 1 just come out this past summer or somthing? Sheesh...way to milk the franchise...

Avatar image for Superlink00

I already own LTTP for my GBA, so there's no real need for me to download it off of the VC (If I could; can't get online where I live.) Everything else seems "meh" to me.

Avatar image for n_gc6

KevComesRipping , what are u on about! i play my GC version if OOT all the time! still my fav game of all time :P

Avatar image for mgall80

LTTP comes out just in time. Just beat Twilight Princess, and I'm still hungry for a Link adventure, now Ninty will get my 800 points on nostalgia alone, can't wait to hear those haunting midi melodies blasting through my home theatre. I'm still looking for Hotel Dusk but can't seem to find it anywhere, anyone have any luck?

Avatar image for Eloy

Zelda rocks in every console, I never had Link to the past....I can`t wait

Avatar image for doomed51

March Madness FTW :D and also supcom next month woohooo

Avatar image for KevComesRipping

People are waaaay over-rating Ocarina of Time, if you go back and try to play it today, it's broken as hell on the N64, but if you fire up A Link to the Past on the SNES it's still crisp and fresh as an overhead 2d adventure game, Link to the Past is hands down the best for originality, and lasting value, and that's that.

Avatar image for blackthegame


Avatar image for nevereathim

I know Rocky Balboa will suck

Avatar image for ZeroTae

Ahhh... about coolest dungeons... gotta think about it... some were kind a boring... but it IS one of best ^^(The best IS OoT =p)

Avatar image for zekere

Zelda 3 is the best Zelda in the series . Coolest dungeons, coolest items, two world maps and coolest bosses !!

Avatar image for SteelWingX

Finally they actually have a game on the VC that is worth their asking price. LttP was excellent and well worth $8 today. Charging almost the same for a crap NES novelty like Soccer or Mario Bros is absurd, though.

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

The best thing for this week, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. Ancient classic rules all!

Avatar image for Shenmue1000

Lttp is imo The best Zelda game. But I already own the SNES version and beaten it countless times so I will pass this time

Avatar image for remaGloohcSdlO

Link to the Past! Link to the Past! Link to the Past! Sorry N64 and Wii Zelda lovers... LTTP is the BEST Zelda title ever.

Avatar image for interpolred

I really want Zelda and Hotel Dusk!

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

only one vc console game

Avatar image for crills

FOR ALL THOSE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE WII NOT HAVEING ONLINE once they start the online it will rock just like the ds in the begining it had no online but look at it a year later more the a dozen games online more then 2 million users and more then 100 million game sessions and that was in a year so lets all just chill a relax cause once they start the online service wii will have alot of multi player online games .right now ill just keep playing my ds online with my japan version copy of ultimate jump online multi player with voice chat and thats a hanhheld so you can just imagine what the wii has up its leeve in the comeing months

Avatar image for Orasion_Seiz

nothing interesting this week

Avatar image for Re_ensurer

A Link to the Past is all I care about this week.

Avatar image for Poison_Me_Rum

Sweet! I've always wanted to play the original version of A Link To The Past. I had it on the GBA, but it just didn't feel the same.

Avatar image for glitchgeeman

Nice, I've been waiting for Hotel Dusk for a while.

Avatar image for ulrikz

A Link to the Past! Great! Now I have a reason to buy a Wii (No, I find A Link to the Past to be the best Zelda game). But still, it's not enough to shell out 350 dollars on (Yes, that's about what the Wii costs around here).. Soo. Nah.

Avatar image for someguy503

well its a big deal for people who dont Have Zelda SNES or for people who dont have Pirates! yet.

Avatar image for HumanTorch101

A typical slow January in the gaming world. Hopefully February will bring some good games to us starved gamers.

Avatar image for mikhailk5


Avatar image for Igwababa

I guess my wii will be playing more than one zelda this year

Avatar image for Ryosagi

Go Inuyasha!! ^o^

Avatar image for gmayronne


Avatar image for OfficialBed


Avatar image for Zoard

nothing new

Avatar image for paranoiasurviva

Link to the Past owns.

Avatar image for Truth01

slow week

Avatar image for hazuki

Dangit, i thought it actually ment more zelda but nooo!

Avatar image for Agreb91

What a slow week, nothing to interesting.

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

Slow week... though for all you PSP owners who haven't played it on PC or Xbox, Sid Meier's Pirates is one of the greatest games ever made. @TryMe01: Agreed... though at least they figured out to start releasing decent games. Can't argue with ALTTP, but I'm still kinda miffed that our New Year's offering was Urban Champion or Baseball. Crap ain't such a great meal. God, I hope we get DKC soon.

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