Shippin' Out January 22-26: More Zelda for VC

Dry week for new releases topped off with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past's debut on the Wii's Virtual Console, trio of releases for the PSP.


This week's slate of releases represented a typical slow January. Not many new big names hit stores this week, but at least a legend returned to the Wii and a handheld ended a release drought.

On Monday, Nintendo released the Wii Virtual Console version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The third game in the popular franchise, A Link to the Past was originally released in 1992 and appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The VC version is rated E for Everyone and sells for 800 Wii Points ($8).

As far as other downloadable goodies go, Microsoft won't be releasing a full arcade game for Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, instead offering three downloadable content packs for Lumines Live! Sony has not announced any games for the PlayStation Store.

Rocky hits the PSP...and  this dude.
Rocky hits the PSP...and this dude.

PlayStation Portable owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief this week, as the monthlong dearth of a new retail release ended with a bang. Three games for Sony's handheld are due out this week, the first full retail releases for the platform since Bubble Bobble Evolution was released on December 19.

Sid Meier's Pirates! shrinks down onto the PSP after being released on the Xbox and PC. Ubisoft dances with the Italian Stallion with Rocky Balboa, based on the movie of the same name, and role-playing fans can adventure with Falcom's The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

Over on the PC, gamers can virtually conquer the world with Europa Universalis III from Paradox Interactive. The strategy game lets players use diplomacy, economics, and good old-fashioned brawn to defeat their foes. Gamers can also try the game for free by downloading the demo.

This week's new releases are listed below (list taken from retailer information--actual dates may vary).

JANUARY 22, 2007
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Wii via Virtual Console)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)
Sid Meier's Pirates! (PSP)
The Shield (PC)

JANUARY 23, 2007
Europa Universalis III (PC)
The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean (PSP)
Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel (DS)

JANUARY 25, 2007
Sam & Max Episode 3: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball (PC)

JANUARY 26, 2007
Underground Pool (DS)
Rocky Balboa (PSP)

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