Shippin' Out Feb. 15-21: GTAIV: Lost and Damned, Street Fighter IV

Rockstar's 360-exclusive expansion and Capcom's long-awaited fighter go up against Dragon Quest V, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.


Though January was a gangbusters month for the US game industry--which minted a recession-defying $1.33 billion--it wasn't that big on the release tip. However, the third week in February will see two of the year's biggest games hit store shelves--in one case, literally.

Street Fighter IV, the current-console-generation reboot of Capcom's classic fighting series, will step into the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 rings on Tuesday, February 17. Anticipation for the game has been building steadily since it was announced last year, thanks to its stylized 3D visuals and roster of characters, which includes the entire cast of Street Fighter II as well as a number of new additions. A PC edition is expected in the coming months.

Xbox 360 owners not fond of virtual pummeling will have a very attractive alternative in the form of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. Available only via digital download from Xbox Live Marketplace, the first of two expansions for Microsoft's console will introduce a new antihero, Johnny Klebitz, a member of the Sons of Anarchy-esque biker gang known as The Lost. The game will feature a 10-hour-plus campaign, new music, and new activities, such as Road Rash-like motorcycle races where competitors bash each other with blunt objects.

The week will also see DS owners get a double shot of Japanese classic remakes. First up is Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Intelligent Systems' redux of the 1990 NES turn-based fantasy strategy game. Meanwhile, Square Enix will release Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, a portable remake of the Japan-only 1992 Super NES role-playing game. Both games will feature graphics reworked for the DS, although only Fire Emblem will have online multiplayer through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Last but not least, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II will march onto PCs Tuesday. A full sequel to 2004's bloodthirsty sci-fi real-time strategy game, it is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe first created in the classic tabletop figurine strategy games. Developed by Relic, the RTS will cast players as one of the fanatical Space Marines battling three hostile species: the mysterious elflike Eldar, the green-skinned Orks, and the noxious Tyranids, a race of insectlike aliens that destroy all life they encounter.

For a full list of the week's game debuts--which also include Namco Bandai's Noby Noby Boy from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi--check out GameSpot's New Releases page.

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Have to make some really tough choices within the next I buy SFIV or Resident Evil 5....arghhhh damn you Capcom wish I had enough cash to buy both!!

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@ stakepretzels its true microsoft bribs but sony is the master of bribing mgs came to xbox and game cube they bribed konami big time for exclusive they even got sega out of the console business with their bribs. either way when i buy a console i EXPECT my console producer to get me as much games as possible its there job so u go sulk cause ur never play this .

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haha, Lost and Damned also has a new episode of Republican Space Rangers... hilarious!!

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so I wonder...Does the ps3 get an exclusive expansion? Or are they not bribing you as much as Microsoft?

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Already got my copy of SF4 a couple of days ago. Came with a Calendar btw. Lucky for us Asian console owners the game was released early :D

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cannot wait for DOW 2... see ya online on GFWL

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@fester420 No, your reply was very much on topic. Just about all of the replies on this site are so poorly spelled and punctuated that I want to pull my eyes out of my skull.

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OK no one else is saying it so DRAGON WARRIOR 5!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER to play this game! and yes I refuse to call it quest, it was and always will be dragon warrior to me :) Also can't wait to check out Noby Noby Boy

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I'm sorry this is way off topic, but some of you guys (gpgn001) need to go back to school and learn how to form complete sentences. I'm getting a headache reading most of these posts.

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this is a pretty big week.

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dl'ing GTA:LaD right now , 1.5 gig *.* , very excited to play it.

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$50 million isn't alot when you think about how much gta could of sold on both consoles

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Race Pro, SFIV,DOW2 a great week for games if i say so myself.

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Downloading Lost and the Damned now, can't wait to play it!! Still not tired of GTAIV even though I finished it to 100% and played the story like 10 times!!

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finally street fighter IV!

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waiting for both....seems like good games...

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Can't wait for my Lost and the Damned! I am very excited! Just beat GTA4 in under 30 hours, 10:53 to be exact! :)

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SFIV, here I come!

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I'm so excited for tomorrow! First batch of the year's big games will finally be out, marking perhaps what is really the beginning of 2009. I'm have street fighter iv preordered and I'll most likely get dawn of war ii later in the year when I upgrade my comp in summer.

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"Dawn of War II will be awesome and SFIV isn't bad but it could've been better. Have you seen Chun Li's thighs? That's just dumb" really? you think sf4 will be bad because chun li ( a fighter that uses her LEGS the most) has large thighs? what's next? metal gear sucks because snake has a mustache?

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looking forward to the lost and damned

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well, Street FIghter selling out in japan, though still bad ass, isn'/t really as big a shock as you might think. But either way, i'm super sycked to play it

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Heard that SFIV is sold out in Japan. Which means that the game is already a best seller in my eyes.

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Dawn of War II will be awesome and SFIV isn't bad but it could've been better. Have you seen Chun Li's thighs? That's just dumb.

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Of course its strange towelie892, of course we may only think that because we weren't the ones that Microsoft handed the large sack of money to.

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What I don't understand why DLC for a multiplatform game is only being released on one console. It doesn't make much sense to me. And please don't call me a fanboy, or jealous, or whatever name you may have; I don't own GTA4 and have no intention of buying it. I just think it's a bit strange.

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Almost time for SF4 finally. Can't wait to bust open the CE of SF4 enjoy all the little goodies for a few minutes then time to bust some A$$ with my SF4 Ryu Bandana on!

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sf4! sf4! sf4!...yay!

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In 24 hours i will be basking in sf4 glory....cant wait!

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"new activities such as Road Rash-like motorcycle races where competitors bash each other with blunt objects"- hell yeah!!

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Come on SF4 come on out already!!!

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Wait, if there's an expansion pack, that means GTAIV has an ending?! I've been playing the game for like...ever!

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RE: Blaze_Hrimfaxi -- Deejay and T Hawk are from Super Street Fighter II. I'm so excited for tomorrow!

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SF4 Will keep me happy till RE 5 hah cant wait for SF4

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"and roster of characters, which includes the entire cast of Street Fighter II" *coughDeejayandTHawk*cough*

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Man, I have been waiting for Street Fighter IV for quite a while now; thank goodness it's finally coming out. Although I personally find that the Virtua Fighter series is the best fighter game, SF will always have a special place in my heart. I remember back in the day as a teenager, hanging out at the mall all day while playing this game. I remember the long row of quarters on the monitor which signified the amount of people waiting to challenge the winner. I've seen people get into real fist fights because of people "cheesing" too much with throws. The tales of Guile's "handcuffs", and all of the wacked out theories on how to throw glitched red fireballs, man, I'm getting nastalgic. Anyway, I'll admit here, I know that when push comes to shove, Virtua Fighter and Tekken are technically better fighters, but without Street Fighter, I don't think those games would've existed in the first place.

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Ican't wait to try out SFIV! I remember the old days of playing that for hours on the SNES, those were the days.

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This is the longest 48 hrs. till Street Fighter 4 hits!

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Sign me up for Lost and Damned

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man road rash needs a remake badly..the n64 version was wayy too much fun and gta 4 and sf4 are the clear winners here

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as a rpg-fan, i look forward to dragon quest and fire emblem. However, as a gamer, c'mon Nintendo! I look forward to innovation, not rehashed content, even if it is new to our shores.

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Road rash style races...awesome. I miss Road Rash they really should remake it.

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noby noby boy is going to be a great download from the psn cant wait to get that when it releases

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@ imjustjames Sorry mate, meant that I'll be getting that as well. I know it's multiplatform but it's about the only multiplatform game I'm interested in right now. Didn't pay attention to how what I wrote could be interpreted.

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Have you looked in the mirror lately? Because not only is your grammar terrible, you're also a hypocrite, pathetic troll, and give 360 fans a really bad name. First, the 360 version of SFIV is not BETTER, otherwise the Xboxers wouldn't have bought a Tournament stick or the special controller to make up for the 360's crappy D-Pad. GTAIV DLC is already explainable, M$ paid $50 million to enhance an already boring game cause I'm sure a majority of users sold their copy long ago. Would you mind providing some proof to the so-called "Dummies" that RE5 looks and runs better on 360? Even if it is true, the clunky controls and real time menu probably scared off future buyers in the mean time. Now onto you. From what I've seen so far I can easily tell you're an underaged user that has noting better to do other than troll GameSpot and boost your gamerscore (39000, Got Life?). Giving most PS3 exclusives and multiplatform titles that are also on 360 a 1 proves you are the jealous one. Can't wait till SFIV and maybe I'll get DQV

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Looking forward to Noby Noby Boy.