Shippin' Out April 25-May 1: Super Street Fighter IV, 2010 FIFA World Cup

Capcom's latest brawler, EA's soccer sim face off against Dead to Rights: Retribution, Nier, PC Splinter Cell: Conviction, White DSi bundle.


Last week, Capcom launched its latest Monster Hunter game exclusively on the Wii. The publisher is once again the center of attention in stores this week, as it releases Super Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, unlike last week, there's plenty of competition for consumer dollars on the new release shelves.

Clearly, Adon should play for the Thailand soccer team.
Clearly, Adon should play for the Thailand soccer team.

Super Street Fighter IV sports 10 new fighters, new levels, and an overhauled online matchmaking system, but it will face stiff competition, starting with EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Set for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PSP, the game arrives more than a month ahead of the international tournament's proper start and features 199 teams and 10 licensed stadiums.

More action-oriented gamers might be interested in Dead to Rights: Retribution. The first new installment in the Namco Bandai canine-assisted cop series since 2005, Retribution has players reprising the role of Jack Slate in a noir-ish romp through the mean streets of Grant City.

Those are far from the only new options for gamers this week. On Sunday, Nintendo launches its newest hardware bundle, a white DSi system with Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story packed in. That will be followed by a pair of localized Japanese offerings for the PS3 and Xbox 360, as Aksys Games recounts the Record of Agarest War and Square Enix hopes the action adventure Nier goes far on the sales charts.

As for downloadable goodies, Dante's Inferno gets a new add-on in the form of The Trials of St. Lucia, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter arrives for the Xbox 360 and PC, and Tecmo Bowl: Throwback kicks off on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

For further details on the week's games, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later in the week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

April 26, 2010
White DSi bundle with Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

April 26, 2010
Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley--PSP--Natsume
The Whispered World--PC--Viva Media

April 27, 2010
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa--X360, PS3, Wii, PSP--EA Sports
Record of Agarest War--X360, PS3--Aksys Games
Dead to Rights: Retribution--X360, PS3--Namco Bandai Games America
Super Street Fighter IV--X360, PS3--Capcom
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction--PC--Ubisoft
NIER--PS3, X360--Square Enix
Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans--WII, PC--Graffiti Entertainment
Free Running--WII--Graffiti Entertainment

April 28, 2010
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter--X360, PC--Devolver Digital
Tecmo Bowl Throwback--X360--Tecmo

April 29, 2010
Tecmo Bowl Throwback--PS3--Tecmo Dante's Inferno: Trials of St. Lucia--PS3, X360--Electronic Arts
Kick-Ass--PS3--WHA Entertainment
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West--PS3--Paradox Interactive

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Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Was looking forward to Splinter Cell: Conviction since a long time. Despite the poor reviews, I might as well just get that !!!

Avatar image for telgt16

Defnitely gona be lookin to buy FIFA World cup and maybe Street fighter but SF might be a waste...they jus keep adding characters and selling again.

Avatar image for JaxxRaxor

@ BulletsnOctane I know there are US fans of association football (soccer) but it doesn't change the fact that soccer just isn't popular in America. Yes, soccer clubs in America are nowhere near the prestige of clubs from other countries (especially in Europe), but that is only part of the story. I guess Americans just perfer sports that orginated here. American Football is pretty violent,, so I guess that is a major reason why its the most popular sport in the USA, and Basketball and Baseball are both American orginated sports. Hockey is less popular, but it does have some regional popularity in Alaska and the Northern parts of the USA. In sum its just that no one really cares about soccer, which is why this new FIFA game isn't going to be topping the charts as a game for a sport more popular among Americans would.

Avatar image for Igissx

@monson21502 Once again, i really think you have a memory issue, because Street Fighter is the original good fighting game,along side Mortal Kombat (may it rest in peace) if it wasnt for S.F you would not have any of those games, and really...Soul Caliber...last time i checked they were too busy stealing other peoples franchises to upgrade their own...and tell me if im wrong, but Tekken is near identical to another really good fighting series...called Virtua Fighter...

Avatar image for Edragonxx

This INFORMATION ISNOT CORRECT! 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa--X360 - release date is 30.april not 27.april!

Avatar image for glennvolio

How come Capcom gets a pass for releasing stuff that should have been in the first SF4? Can't they break that ridiculous pattern of releasing the same game over and over again? It worked in the 90's, but it's simply unacceptable now.

Avatar image for lazycomplife

A WILD FLAREON APPEARED Awesome gif hazerazer.

Avatar image for Harerazer

Record of Agarest War and Tecmo Throwback look like this week's purchases for me (SF IV was preordered weeks ago)

Avatar image for Trogeton

wow.. I didn't know about this game.. my sister had told me about it (she's a fighting game lover)

Avatar image for riou7

nier looks nice...

Avatar image for johny300

cant wait for red dead redemption to come out.remember people rockstar doesnt only focus on gameplay only but story also and alan wake .

Avatar image for johny300

@kennythomas26 dude my advice is buy splinter cell red dead and alan wake dont buy ssf4 you can always buy it later but red dead and the amazing thriller alan wake that im buying xbox 360 just to play bevause it is an exclusive and maybe its better to wait for the review for nier and dead to rights thats my opinion and good luck.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Some more links for the games mentioned here would go a long way. It would seem that there are far more GameSpot users looking at the News section, regardless of demographic and game preferences, than they do looking at articles specific to certain games. Said links would go a long way to informing readers - especially the ones who do not wish to spend the time deliberately looking for information on specific games.

Avatar image for Asagea_888

Super Street Fighter IV's on my radar this week, and with a price that good, I'd be a fool to not pick it up.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

Very true Lamprey263. I think they don't want to bash it too hard, to in some sense, be thankful to the developer for an early look at the game, and not to hurt future sales of said title. Then after day one, when a lot of gamers have already made up their mind to purchase it, they hit us with the truth, a average, to below average review. I see it in game magazines or certain sites all the time. They say how good the game is coming along, and how nice certain aspects of the game are, but when the review comes out, they push all that aside, and give it a rash review. I usually check into multiple sources for reviews if I'm on the fence about a particular title, but if it's that is generating a lot of hype, I usually get that one day one. I'll just trade it in to Gamestop for 5% of face value if it turns out to be a flop!

Avatar image for ThaGrateOne


Avatar image for yang4200

@TrapMuzik92 doesnt matter lol I dont even remeber the last time i play sf

Avatar image for BulletsnOctane

@JaxxRaxor - I'm from the U.S., and I love the sport. We just don't have the marquee names and clubs to support such a thing here. Teams across the world have a couple hundred years on us.

Avatar image for monson21502

@Igissx this aint the 90s. sf isnt that good anymore. there are much better fighters out there now. you can go out and buy this game and then ssf 4 turbo if you want. ied rather buy marvel vs capcom 3 or the next SC or tekken. even new games like blazedblue was better then sf4 imo.

Avatar image for JaxxRaxor

I don't remember the last time Capcom had the most anticipated game two weeks in a row. This is the busiest (and last) week of April, but to say that SSFIV has competition is kinda of stretch. Everyone knows about the new SF game and that game has a huge fanbase, but the other games are either unknown or have small fan bases. The new FIFA seems intersting, but in the US no one really pays attention to the sport. A shame considering its worldwide appeal, but it is as it is. I have never heard of the first game for Dead to Rights, it seems very similar Just Cause 2, a game in which I never heard of the prequel. And of course some Japanese rpgs that no one is really going to care about.

Avatar image for BulletsnOctane

Looking forward to the World Cup.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I haven't seen any kind of advertisement for Nier compared to FFXIII. Seems like a bad sign to me already, SE.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

I'm really interested in Nier, but with games running $60 a pop, I have to make smart decisions on my purchases. I will probably get Splinter Cell Conviction, then follow up with Nier. I'm not too stoked about Street Fighter though, I have Street Fighter 4, and I need to invest in that 100.00 arcade stick before I play it anymore. The 360 controller is so hard to get any moves to pull off, without trying several times. I know some people who are fantastic at it with the general 360 controller ,but not me.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Street Fighter all the way

Avatar image for TrapMuzik92

@yang have fun playing by yourself

Avatar image for Taevataat

Hell yes, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter!!

Avatar image for lazycomplife

I bet you all can't wait until SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 TURBO

Avatar image for TheArcade

Must have SSF4.

Avatar image for gskywalker09

Fifa: World Cup, Dead to Rights & Nier for me!!!! :D

Avatar image for yang4200

im good with just 1 sf game :) capcom u cant have my money ...for a a better same game

Avatar image for 02050muh

SSF4 is a must buy...i bought SF4 on's awesome but the 360 controller really not suitable (for me) for fighting games

Avatar image for KillTheKing2011

As for this week I've already sold my Street Fighter copy so I can upgrade to the Super version. Will be buying it on PS3 & just renting Dead Rights & Nier on Xbox 360.

Avatar image for KillTheKing2011

@Iamprey263 That is true & it is funny when they say so much good about the game & then give it a 6.

Avatar image for SillySkeleton

Can't wait to get my Super Street Fighter 4 on. This time with 100% less 'IN-DE-STRUCTIBLE!', much to my ear drums relief.

Avatar image for lamprey263

Dead To Rights looks awful, sometimes I blame the gaming media for their contribution to bad games, for instance they were talking about it on X-Play and just like other horrible flops you see Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb all like "what can we expect... oh, looks great, can't wait to try it" or something to that effect, but if they used their forum to say "you know, I've been watching lots of videos online and I have to say..." and offer them constructive criticism so they can polish the game up before release if needed. And I didn't mean to just single out X-Play but the rest of the gaming publications take their part in this too. It's like gaming critics and journalists are yes-men until the moment of truth and they review it then its .

Avatar image for noahmorrow07

so getting ssf4 i really wana play kody...... and all u people saying its not worth the money? well then just dont comment on it there is a crapload of new stuff in this game they could call it sf5 if they wanted but they wanna keep favored charectors who dont usualy appear in street fighter games other than vega here i come ssf4

Avatar image for Fryboy101

might check out dead to rights and nier, i'll probably end up picking up lead and gold.

Avatar image for Igissx

@monson21502 Im guessing you are either slow or you never played the street fighter series, because if you did, you would know this is the street fighter pattern. First you get the original game, then you get the "Super" version, then you get the "Turbo" version and so on and so on...It isnt being foolish, its being dedicated to a line of games going back almost 20 years or more...

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Definitely getting Tecmo Bowl Throwback!!!

Avatar image for monson21502

anyone who buys ssf4 is just stupid. force capcom to make sf5 or put both ssf4 and sf4 on the same disc. dont be so foolish with your money people.....

Avatar image for Darkmoone1

Cain't wait to play SSFIV!! Cody here i come!

Avatar image for felipebo

NIER and Agarest War on the same day. Poor wallet.

Avatar image for Egotte

Only thing I'm buying this week is the Trials of St. Lucia DLC on the 29th. Just waiting for 3D Dot Game Heroes!

Avatar image for FF7AdventGuy

So glad i already got SSFIV :P. Game is freakin amazing. Guy FTW!!!

Avatar image for soulreaper-4

I'm can't wait for my copy of SSTFIV to arrive from Amazon.

Avatar image for monson21502

to be honest. any game i bought would be a waste of money untill the halo reach beta is over

Avatar image for monson21502

only tecmo bowl for me this week

Avatar image for kennythomas26

I'll wait for Read Dead Redemption and Alan Wake to come out. I might even get Dead to Rights: Retribution and Splintercell: Conviction, even though DTR's and SC:conviction are already out. Not a big of street fighter I never was.

Avatar image for Flint247

Nothing interesting for me this week. :( Everyone else, enjoy your games. :)

Avatar image for Aihal

Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter already on my Steam account and waiting for it to be activated on Wednesday :D

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