Shippin' Out April 1-7: Kinect Star Wars, Xenoblade Chronicles

Space-bound adventure game and Japanese RPG lead slow week at retail; Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack and Devil May Cry HD Collection also making debut.


Star Wars' first controller-free gaming adaptation headlines this week's new releases as Kinect Star Wars makes its debut. Other big-name games out this week are Xenoblade Chronicles, the Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack, and the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Kinect Star Wars blasts off this week.
Kinect Star Wars blasts off this week.

Leading the way this week is Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360. Originally expected last year, the game is set primarily during the time of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, with overlapping bits of the other prequel trilogy films and nods to the original Star Wars trilogy as well. Players will take orders from Yoda, cleave their way through armies of battle droids, and use Kinect-enabled Force powers to battle the Dark Side.

Players keen on feeling the Force at a deeper level can pick up the Kinect Star Wars limited edition Xbox 360 bundle. The pack includes a 320GB Xbox 360 console with an R2-D2 theme, a metallic C-3PO controller, a white Kinect sensor, and a copy of the game for $450.

Also out this week is Japanese role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. The game is set in a fantasy universe where the robotic army of the Mechonis seeks to conquer the flesh-and-blood Bionis. With the help of two companions, players will traverse the world attempting to discover the truth behind a magic sword called the Monado.

Gamers looking to bundle up this week can grab two new combo packs, the first of which is the Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack. Due out for the Xbox 360 and PC, the compilation pack has been barred from the PlayStation 3, with Bethesda telling GameSpot at the time, "At present we are not being allowed to release it on PS3. We will continue to try to change that, and would release it if we are permitted."

The other combo pack out this week is the Devil May Cry HD Collection for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The HD Collection will present the original PlayStation 2 trilogy with Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition. Beyond a high-definition visual retooling, publisher Capcom said the new package will include unspecified bonus content and support for trophies on the PS3 and achievements on the Xbox 360.

On the downloadable front, Ubisoft's postapocalyptic action game I Am Alive lands on the PlayStation Network this week. Released to a warm critical reception in March on Xbox Live, the game tells the story of an everyman who has lost his wife and daughter during a mysterious but cataclysmic event.

For further details, visit GameSpot's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later this week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

Devil May Cry HD Collection--X360, PS3--Capcom
Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack--X360, PC--Bethesda Softworks
Kinect Star Wars--X360--Microsoft Game Studios
Pro Angler Moves--PS3--Interworks Unlimited
Tropico 4: Modern Times--PC--Kalypso
Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle--X360--Microsoft

I Am Alive--PS3--Ubisoft
Skullgirls--X360--Autumn Games

Confrontation--PC--Focus Home Interactive

Xenoblade Chronicles--Wii--Nintendo

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Avatar image for cjburnfist

@Oromashu Haha, no no, they need to become Squaresoft. Square also needs to look back to the past and make themselves a lasting experience outside of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are already sown, lots of questionables when it comes to the Final Fantasy, definitely moreso than Kingdom Hearts. I would prefer instead of FFXV that they would make an original title like Chrono trigger was back in the day. Not gonna lie, that is a game I still play, butjust as good as FFX-XII. I enjoyed X to XII but felt less of a spark when compared to IX and earlier. Now I just hope they'll disown XIII and XIII-2 and reboot from there.

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I seriously wanna see the sale numbers for Kinect Star Wars..... Should be rather hilarious.

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Xenoblade and Devil May Cry HD Collection, HELL YES!!! :D As for Kinect Star Wars...I feel sorry for whoever has to sit through that. :(

Avatar image for oromashu

Yes, I've been waiting for Xenoblade for so long. Decided to pre-order two copies. Least I can do to support the future of JRPGs. Here's to hoping Monolith becomes the new Square Enix of the next generation.

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Xenoblades needs to be released for 360 :(

Avatar image for GamerEye

Looking forward to Xenoblade. I have it pre-ordered.

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Xenoblade Chronicles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for nate1222

Xenoblade Chronicles makes me want a Wii. It reminds me of the oh-so-awesome Rogue Galaxy for PS2. Damn, that game rocks...

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Having to wait on a review for Star Wars....not a good sign.

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Congrats my fellow American gamers you're finally getting the greatest JRPG of this generation. Since I live in Australia, I was able to buy Xenoblade Chronicles in the store last September and let me tell you after sinking 100 hours into it. This is a game that was worth protesting and petitioning for. So buy the game and support Monoith Soft's beautiful creation.

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Xenoblade Chronicles looks incredible, definitely going to pick that up.

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Devil May cry HD Collection i get but get it on the net because silent hill hd collection in stores in hmv and blockbusters where i live i say shops know worthless. But if pp havent played fallout 3 and oblivion this pack for you. I am Alive h8 game and will look for forthcoming game last of days because think that better . And for star wars kinct dont think sell another game what doent work.

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Xenoblade Chronicles all payed off, cannt wait for it :D

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Fallout 3 and Oblivion pack is the way to go if anybody hasn't played those 2 games before.