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Shippin' Out: 9/18-9/22: Okami, Pokemon, Godfathers, Xbox Vision camera

This week's release calendar features wolf gods, pocket monsters, vicious mobsters, and your mug.


With the Wii launch details unveiled and the battle lines finally drawn for the next-generation console wars, it's easy to forget that there are systems already on store shelves with new games released for them every week. This week sees a number of anticipated titles arriving, including Capcom's action game based on Japanese folklore, two new Pokemon games to catch, and a bevy of graphic adventure compilations from Sierra.

The week starts off with a bang, as Nintendo is shipping the latest installments in its long-running Pokemon series to stores today. While it's not unusual to see Nintendo split its Pokemon games into differently colored counterparts, this week's release of two Pokemon Mystery Dungeon editions marks the first time the company has split a new game in the franchise between two systems. The Red Rescue Team edition of the game will arrive on Game Boy Advance, while the Blue Rescue Team takes care of the DS.

The popular pocket monsters aren't the only new releases vying to catch 'em all when it comes to gamers' paychecks. Electronic Arts' Xbox 360 and PSP interpretations of The Godfather should be coming soon to stores near you, and Vivendi label Sierra Entertainment will take a trip down memory lane with compilation packs for four of its fondly remembered graphic adventure series.

Later in the week, gamers can expect a flurry of new titles, spearheaded by Capcom's Okami for the PlayStation 2. In Okami, players assume the role of Amaterasu, a sun god who takes the form of a wolf on Earth. The game's visuals are presented in a traditional Japanese art style, and players are required to use the PS2's controller to perform "brush strokes" to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

Other notable releases include the Xbox Live Vision camera to add a visual oomph to the trash-talking in games like Uno and Texas Hold 'Em, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime on the DS, and King of Fighters 2006 on the PS2. Finally, you won't be able to find it in stores, but Sony Online Entertainment will begin distributing the Serpent's Spine expansion for EverQuest online for $29.99.

This week's new releases are listed below. The list is taken from retailer information, so actual dates may vary. Contact your local retailer for availability.

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales (PC)
Bratz: Forever Diamondz (GC, GBA, DS)
The Godfather (Xbox 360)
The Godfather: Mob Wars (PSP)
GTR 2 (PC)
King's Quest Collection (PC)
Leisure Suit Larry Collection (PC)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (DS)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (GBA)
Police Quest Collection (PC)
Space Quest Collection (PC)
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble (DS)

Avatar: The Last Airbender (PC)
Backyardigans: Mission to Mars (PC)
Cabela's Alaskan Adventure (Xbox 360, PS2)
Capcom Classics Mini Mix (GBA)
Danny Phantom Urban Jungle (DS, GBA)
Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventures (PC)
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS)
EverQuest: The Serpent's Spine (PC)
Dogz Fashion (GBA)
Ford Bold Moves Street Racing (PS2, Xbox, PC)
Go Diego Go! (PC)
The King of Fighters 2006 (PS2)
NRA Gun Club (PS2)
Okami (PS2)
Open Season (PSP, DS, PS2, Xbox, GC, PC, GBA)
Princess Natasha: Student Secret Agent (GBA)
Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2)
Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams (GBA)
World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions (PSP, PS2, PC)
Xbox Live Vision Camera (Xbox 360)
Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury (PS2)

Hoyle Bridge Club (PC)

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