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Shippin' Out 7/24-28: Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Civ IV: Warlords

Big-time PSP fighter leads small-time lineup of games this week; arcade classic Galaga marks third Xbox Live Wednesdays download.


Tekken: Dark Resurrection is already a hit with critics--but will consumers also welcome it with open arms?

Namco Bandai will find out this week when the first Tekken game for the PlayStation Portable rumbles onto Sony's handheld on Tuesday. One of the game's standout features is its "ghost" mode, whereby players' fighting styles are recorded and mimicked by opposing CPU fighters. Dark Resurrection also includes local Wi-Fi fighting with only one copy of the game.

Before that, a double dose of Sid Meier will hit PCs on Monday. Civilization IV: Warlords is the first expansion pack to last year's well-received Civilization IV. Whereas the proper Civilization titles are turn-based real-time strategy games, this week's other title in the game's universe--CivCity: Rome--is a city-building strategy title from Firaxis Games and Firefly Studios that is inspired by the Civilization franchise.

Summer months mean summer movies, and this week's movie-to-game adaptation is based on an upcoming kid-friendly film--the only multiplatform release this week to boot. The Ant Bully is Midway and A2M's game version of Warner Bros. Pictures' digitally animated summer family flick for the PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance. The game's current-gen releases are tied to the film's theatrical debut this Friday, but a Nintendo Wii version is also in the works, slated for November 2006.

Summer months also mean a plodding release calendar in the game industry. A few weeks ago, Microsoft said it is trying to fill the void during the dry heat with weekly releases on Xbox Live Arcade, and this hump day the company will make good on its promise. Wrapping up the week early is Galaga, a port of the classic arcade shoot-'em-up and the third Xbox Live Wednesdays game released. Developed by Namco Bandai, Galaga will sell for 400 points--or about $5--on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

This week's new releases are listed below. The list is taken from retailer information, so actual dates may vary. Contact your local retailer for availability.

The Ant Bully (PS2, PC, GC, GBA)
CivCity: Rome (PC)
Civilization IV: Warlords (PC)
Nancy Drew: Danger By Design (PC)
Painkiller: Hell Wars (Xbox)

Atlantis Quest (PC)
Battle B-Daman (GBA)
Fuel (Xbox)
Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville (PS2)
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (GBA)
Tekken: Dark Resurrection (PSP)
WWII Combat: Iwo Jima (PC)

Earache Extreme Metal Racing (PC)
Galaga (Xbox 360--via Xbox Live only)

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